Microsoft reveals Kinect source code

Microsoft reveals Kinect source code

Approximately 24 million Kinect devices have been sold to date.

Microsoft has opened up the source code behind some elements of the PC variant of its Kinect motion control hardware.

Previously, Kinect for Windows developers only had the official software toolkit covering the underlying code to work on. Microsoft has now posted 22 code samples for use in the Windows version of Kinect only to CodePlex. The samples are free for users to reuse and re-purpose under an Apache 2.0 licence.

The features detailed include the face tracking, depth of field, basic skeleton tracking, colour recognition and audio capture elements of the device. Developers wanting to tinker with this will need to first download and install VisualStudio, .NET and the Kinect for Windows SDK. The samples are available in C#, C++ and Visual Basic.

'We will continue to release our sample applications as part of our Developer Toolkit. However, that's a large download and install that can be cumbersome if you just want to quickly view or access code on the web,' said Kinect for Windows developer community manager Ben Lower.

The feedback that Microsoft receives through CodePlex will direct the company in developing its samples for the developer community in the future.

Kinect was released for Windows in 2012, approximately a year and a half after the motion tracking device debuted on the Xbox 360. To date, approximately 24 million units of the sensor have been shipped.

Have any of you ever integrated Kinect into any of your mods?

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edzieba 13th March 2013, 10:36 Quote
This is NOT the source code to the Kinect SDK! These are code examples that show how to use the SDK. No source has been 'opened'; these were not somehow previously closed source applications that were open-sourced, as they are not applications at all: they're demos, and were not previously available in a closed-source version (because that would be silly and defeat the point).
In fact, all this code was previously (and still is) freely available as part of the full Development Toolkit. The only news here is that these code examples are now available separately rather than as part of the bundle, and under a different license (but they don't allow anyone else to add to or modify the repo).
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