AMD outlines CPU roadmap

AMD outlines CPU roadmap

AMD's CPU roadmap shows a big push for its Fusion APUs, with DirectX 11 compatible GPUs integrated.

AMD has released the latest roadmaps for its desktop, laptop, and server CPU ranges as part of its latest report to investors and analysts, confirming its many-core and 28nm plans.

For laptops, a market in which AMD has not enjoyed much success, the company has three products due next year: the Llano Fusion APU, featuring either two or four Stars CPU cores and a DirectX 11-compatible GPU aimed at the performance and mainstream laptop market. AMD also gave further details about its upcoming Ontario and Zacate Fusion APUs, featuring single or dual Bobcat CPU cores and another DirectX 11 compatible GPU aimed at the low-end laptop and high-end netbook markets built on a 40nm process.

2012 is where things start to get interesting: as well as a 32nm Trinity Fusion APU featuring two or four next-generation Bulldozer-based CPU cores and the requisite GPU for the performance and mainstream markets, AMD will be launching the Bobcat-based Krishna and Wichita Fusion APUs. Designed for the netbook and tablet markets, the 28nm chips will be available in single, dual or quad-core flavours and bring a DirectX 11 capable GPU to the tablet market.

AMD's plans for the desktop in 2011 will see a mixture of pure CPUs and hybrid APUs depending on the market sector. Performance enthusiasts will be treated to Zambezi, a Bulldozer-based 32nm chip featuring four to eight processing cores. The mainstream market, on the other hand, will be treated to a desktop version of the Llano Fusion APU, while the company will be targeting its 40nm Ontario and Zacate Fusion APUs at the all-in-one and small form factor markets.

2012 will bring the Komodo, a next-generation Bulldozer-based chip featuring eight processing cores built around a 32nm process and a high-performance DirectX 11 compatible GPU for the performance market, while the mainstream market will get the two or four core Trinity Fusion APU. The small form factor and all-in-one market, however, gets the company's first desktop-oriented 28nm Krishna APU which features two or four enhanced Bobcat cores and the familiar DirectX 11 GPU.

For the server side, AMD is looking to gain ground in the many-core markets that it broke into with the launch of its Magny-Cours range. The two product lines, Valencia and Interlagos, target energy-efficient and mainstream server platforms with Bulldozer-based chips featuring six or eight cores in the Valencia range or up to 16 cores in the Bulldozer range. Both ranges will include dual-channel DDR3 support and HyperTransport speeds of up to 6.4GT/s.

Looking ahead to 2012, AMD is clearly betting heavily on many-core processing: the Sepang energy-efficient server line will pack up to 10 next-generation Bulldozer cores into each chip, while the performance Terramar line will manage 20 - potentially offering up to 80 physical processing cores in a quad-socket motherboard.

Missing from AMD's investor briefing, however, were firm launch dates or pricing information for any of its listed products.

Do you think that AMD's updated roadmap could lead the company to success, or will it still struggle to compete with Intel's offerings? Is AMD's concentration on its Fusion APUs in the desktop market a good idea? Share your thoughts over in the forum.


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mi1ez 10th November 2010, 14:25 Quote
Any chance of a (link to a) better image?
l3v1ck 10th November 2010, 14:39 Quote
When exactly in 2011 can we expect to see (ie buy) this new CPU architecture?
CrapBag 10th November 2010, 14:46 Quote
Yeh thats what I want to know and will it be backwards comptatible with AM3 or am I looking at a new mobo (I thinkI already know the answer to the last part of that question :( )
Lazy_Amp 10th November 2010, 15:32 Quote
Originally Posted by l3v1ck
When exactly in 2011 can we expect to see (ie buy) this new CPU architecture?

Well, we might get awesome netbooks this year:
Phoenixlight 10th November 2010, 16:48 Quote
Originally Posted by mi1ez
Any chance of a (link to a) better image?

Yeah that image is far too small to see properly, I really hope that they can release a quad core Zambezi CPU in January for Enthusiasts wanting an alternative to Sandy Bridge.
Farfalho 10th November 2010, 17:21 Quote
I just want a new AMD cpu architecture out there so it can kick Intel's ass and give me a reason to upgrade from my pc. I'm really tired seeing new cpu's being launched and the architecture is maintained, the oldie K10 based on K8.

Come on AMD! Show what you're made of!
dangerman1337 10th November 2010, 17:26 Quote
This roadmap show an "enhanced" bulldozer in 2012 and a next generation version of it :
Star*Dagger 10th November 2010, 22:19 Quote
If AMD can leverage its GPU supremacy to CPUs a new era will dawn!
confusis 10th November 2010, 23:57 Quote
rickysio 11th November 2010, 05:44 Quote
I'd doze off before anything launches...
V3ctor 11th November 2010, 08:30 Quote
Already have an AM3 board, so I hope some of these are compatible... Anyway, It's time for me to retire my venerable Q6600 to a new AMD ou Intel cpu... Let the fight begin :)
impar 11th November 2010, 09:43 Quote
Originally Posted by mi1ez
Any chance of a (link to a) better image?
That can be arranged:
Adnoctum 11th November 2010, 10:21 Quote
I'm disappointed at no launch dates, but why would you have expected pricing on products that aren't going to be released for between 3 (Bobcat-based products) and 9 (Llano-based products) months? This is a long time in technology-land, and depends a lot on what Intel has done with Sandybridge.
Originally Posted by mi1ez
Any chance of a (link to a) better image?

With desktop, laptop and server roadmaps:

Good new!! The rumours (and we all know how reliable these are, although this is hinted by AMD) is that things are going well on Bulldozer on 32nm and the launch might be brought back in to late Q2, which is May/June. So, Zambezi for mid-year.

Bad news!! AMD is still having trouble with Llano (integrated CPU +GPU = APU) on 32nm and is being pushed further into Q3.
Update: Saw a quote from AMD VP Rick Bergman saying that Llano is on track for shipping "H1 2011", so June or so. Perhaps they are now more confident of production yields for the 32nm APU's.
Originally Posted by CrapBag
Yeh thats what I want to know and will it be backwards comptatible with AM3 or am I looking at a new mobo.

You are looking for a new mobo. Zambezi will be released on a new revised AM3 socket called AM3r2. Why, I have no idea. Hopefully the fact it is described as a revised AM3 means that current AM3 CPUs are pin compatible, as this might mean a helpful upgrade path (buying mobo first and Zambezi later on).
I'd be careful though, as AM3r2 could become the next S754. As the above roadmap shows the Zambezi replacement Komodo will have a integrated GPU, so will it need a new socket with more pins?

Llano will also need a new mobo, because there will surely be a new socket due to the integrated GPU requiring more pins.
Gtek 11th November 2010, 15:18 Quote
SFF on 40nm? why?
Adnoctum 11th November 2010, 17:02 Quote
Originally Posted by Gtek
SFF on 40nm? why?
You're going to have to expand your thought a bit.
Otherwise my answer is going to have to be "Why not?"

Why 40nm with Zacate/Ontario and not 32nm or 28nm?
* 40nm is here now,
* 32nm isn't ready yet, and there is no spare capacity with Bulldozer and Llano to be made in the 32nm fab. 32nm is SOI and it is more expensive than bulk silicon. This is probably a consideration on a chip that is to compete with Atom,
* 28nm isn't ready yet, and won't be until next year, probably Q2 earliest, and even then you wouldn't want your first design on it to be a x86 CPU.

Does this answer your enquiry?
maverik-sg1 12th November 2010, 15:02 Quote
All of this is great news on paper and even better if it performs well as a package.

I deally what I would like to see is a desktop version of the laptop power saving utility to switch between on board and gaming graphics (desktop use switches to fusion style GPU, but the ability to swtich to say Radeon 6970 or Nvidia GTX580.
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