Microsoft to buy Canesta

Microsoft to buy Canesta

Microsoft is set to buy spatial sensing specialist Canesta, which will net it a portfolio of 44 patents.

Spatial sensing specialist Canesta has announced that it is to be bought up by Microsoft: a clear indicator that the company is serious about the Kinect and related technologies.

In a statement, Canesta's chief executive officer Jim Spare stated that 'with Microsoft’s breadth of scope from enterprise to consumer products, market presence, and commitment to natural user interfaces, we are confident that our technology will see wide adoption across many applications that embody the full potential of the technology.'

Spare went on to claim that 'there is little question that within the next decade we will see natural user interfaces become common for input across all devices,' suggesting that Microsoft has gained a significant lead on its competitors with the development of its Kinect spatial-sensing controller-free add-on for the Xbox 360 console.

If Microsoft is serious about natural user interfaces and spatial sensing technology being the future, the purchase certainly makes sense: Canesta is responsible for the invention of one of the world's most accurate single-chip 3D sensing platforms, but more importantly holds a portfolio of 44 patents related to the technology. Buying the company means that Microsoft can rest assured that the patents won't be used against Kinect, while giving the company a not inconsiderable amount of control over who can enter the market with a competing product.

Neither Canesta nor Microsoft have announced terms of the deal, so it's not yet known how much the company will be parting with to get its hands on the patents.

With Microsoft having already shown off its own spatially-aware sensing technology in both Kinect and its LightSpace technology demonstration platform, it's clear that the company believes the future of both gaming and computing is in waving your arms around.

Do you think that Microsoft's vision of the future of computing is accurate, or should companies be looking elsewhere for the ultimate in user interfaces? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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steveo_mcg 2nd November 2010, 09:23 Quote
Any one else glance at that and think it read MS to buy Canada?
CardJoe 2nd November 2010, 23:05 Quote
I thought it was Canestan, to be honest. But what would MS want with thrush cream?
Fizzban 2nd November 2010, 23:59 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe
I thought it was Canestan, to be honest. But what would MS want with thrush cream?

If they could beat the infernal itch most people face when purchasing their products..they might actually stand a chance of world domination.
johnnyboy700 3rd November 2010, 10:11 Quote
Yep, I filled in the extra to make it Canestan as well.
Mattmc91 3rd November 2010, 10:49 Quote
Again, I thought of Canestan xD
stonedsurd 3rd November 2010, 11:07 Quote
I thought Canasta, and was wondering why MS would want to buy a flaming card game! :)
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