Rebellion making new Judge Dredd game?

Rebellion making new Judge Dredd game?

Rebellion wouldn't confirm it, but seemed to be hinting that an announcement for a Judge Dredd game may be coming soon.

While we were out at GamesCom 2009 in Cologne a week or two ago we had the good fortune to sit down with Rebellion's Head of Art and Design, Tim Jones. Naturally, we quizzed him on the newest Alien versus Predator game, but we also took the chance to ask him about whether a new Judge Dredd game might be in the works.

Jones was cagey on the issue and seemed hesitant to give any official confirmation, but hinted heavily that an announcement may be coming in the future.

Rebellion, while best known for the AVP games, has made several games based on the Judge Dredd comics before and actually owns Dredd's publisher, 2000AD after buying the company in 2000.

"Well, there is the announcement that went out recently about a new Judge Dredd film in the works," said Jones when we asked him about the possibility.

"There’s not a lot I can say about that right now, but the film is in development and…I really can’t say anything about what we might be doing game-wise at the moment. But…watch this space," he said.

There's not a lot known about the next Judge Dredd film, but Rebellion has previously confirmed that it'll be a remake of the original Stallone film - with a videogame tie-in being a logical extension of the brand too. Personally, we hope it's more Rogue Trooper than Dredd vs. Death, but let us know your thoughts in the forums. We'll have the full interview up tomorrow.


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Flibblebot 1st September 2009, 16:13 Quote
Oh, God, not a remake of the Stallone piece of crap. At least come up with something original - and decent. There's so much more to play with in the Dredd canon.

And a decent Dredd game could be cool, as long as it's not just AvP with different characters.
Jack_Pepsi 1st September 2009, 16:44 Quote
Freakin' love Dredd!

The Stallone/Cannon film was an abomination and an insult to Dredd fans (imo). However, the artwork that went to that film is obviously out of this world. I really hope this new film (and game) will bring the fans what they want.

dicobalt 1st September 2009, 16:50 Quote
Everyone hates the movie but for some reason I like it! Maybe it's because I never even heard of Judge Dredd before the movie came out. Anyway, the concept seems more like a TV show then a movie. Yes - I AM THE LAW!
GI_Biochip 1st September 2009, 19:00 Quote
I hope to high heavens that this film gets made, and that it is faithful to the comic! And not an abomination like the last one. As for the game, I hope that isn't following the current story, you'd be playing Joe sitting in the cursed earth, doing nothing. I do hope MC-1 has managed to tidy up all those crates of Red Bull.....
GI_Biochip 1st September 2009, 19:01 Quote
Oops, forgot to whine about wanting an ABC Warriors game.
HourBeforeDawn 1st September 2009, 20:01 Quote
lol ah Judge Dread I liked that movie, it was interesting. Other then that I dont know about the whole remake and game part.
V3ctor 1st September 2009, 20:08 Quote
I liked the original game when I played it... 6 years ago(?) Maybe this game comes better
Zero_UK 1st September 2009, 20:37 Quote
Just get AVP OUT! :P
johnnyboy700 1st September 2009, 20:43 Quote
The Stallone film was okay in places but terrible in others. For me the low point was when he tried to use the key catch phrase " I am the law!" at the start of the block war, it was more of an " A um der lawer" and sounded like someone doing a bad Inspector Clouseau impression.

I quite enjoyed the Dredd vs Death game, it showed its console roots but did okay, but I did think Rogue Trooper was simply fab.
GravitySmacked 1st September 2009, 22:05 Quote
The last Judge Dredd game was decidedly average so I can't say I have my hopes up.
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