Win Nvidia’s GeForce 3D Vision kit!

Win Nvidia’s GeForce 3D Vision kit!

This 3D goodness could be yours!

3D is set to be the next big thing in the world gaming, whether it be a technical achievement or just be using those funky 3D glasses as a fashion accessory.

Nvidia, the Jolly Green Graphics Giant, has teamed up with online e-tailer Overclockers UK to bring the wonderful world of GeForce 3D Vision to one lucky person.

Experience a new dimension in gaming with Nvidia’s GeForce 3D Vision Kit, and for a limited time only you can win one of your very own!

Become a member of the Overclockers UK forums and purchase a GeForce GTS 250, GTX 260 or GTX 275 graphics card between the 16th and 29th of June 2009 for a chance to win this kit (worth £398.99) and to be part of the gaming action!

You can head over there to ask any questions you might have right away and stay tuned for more news on competitions in due course!

Let us know your thoughts in the forums.

Win Nvidia’s GeForce 3D Vision kit! Win NVIDIA’s GeForce 3D Vision Kit!


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Dreaming 15th June 2009, 11:17 Quote
I was excited until I saw it was OCUK. Ah well.
Cobalt 15th June 2009, 11:29 Quote
Yeah; OCUK has never treated me well. Useful only for the occasional offer, so long as it isn't something that may be a dud and needs returning.
Grimloon 15th June 2009, 11:40 Quote
I used to use them pretty much exclusively then all of a sudden I have to phone and confirm every order over about £25 (that'll be all of them then) so just don't bother any more. I think Novatech (either them or Scan) ran the same offer about a month ago as well so others may do the same in the future.
tejas 15th June 2009, 11:43 Quote
True OCUK have awful and rude service although I did buy one of those bargain XFX 4870X2's from them for £249.99!! What a steal!

The only reason I did is that if I get a problem with the card I can always contact XFX!
Teq 15th June 2009, 11:48 Quote
Shame I'm not buying til the end of July, I've never understood fanbois and will just buy from whoever has the best deal and customer feedback combo, I for one have no problem with OcUK though haven't returned anything since their early days...
droitwichdosser 15th June 2009, 13:24 Quote
i think this link says all about them that really needs to said (unless it gets censored)
LeMaltor 15th June 2009, 16:56 Quote
Let us know your thoughts in the forums.

I think you should avoid OCUK.
StephenK 15th June 2009, 16:58 Quote
Originally Posted by droitwichdosser
i think this link says all about them that really needs to said (unless it gets censored)

Wow. I was planning on picking up a new card already and had been considering getting it from overclockers. Those reviews are pretty damning though :(

Anyone recommend another place I can pick up a Gainward GTX 260 Golden Sample Core 216 896MB? Are Novatech ok? I was going to go with Scan originally but their postage outside of the UK is... complicated (I'm in Ireland).
HourBeforeDawn 15th June 2009, 18:18 Quote
Win Nvidia’s GeForce 3D Vision kit! Why because no one will buy it so we have to get rid of these some how.....
rjkoneill 16th June 2009, 00:51 Quote
overclockers are a great company with some really helpful and hardworking staff

i can see why there might be a bad reputation around them

since they have moved to the new premesis, a highly professional stance has taken hold of the company

i suggest you give them another go as you would note a marked improvement in service, RMA and support issues
SNIPERMikeUK 16th June 2009, 20:04 Quote
So much bad rep for OCUK here?, I have been using them for years, and can say they are fantastic, only ever had one problem with a poorly packed OEM hard drive, which was resolved with no issue, RMA returns have always been handled extremely well with faulty goods (the nature of PC hardware these days it happens). (go to pcworld if u think for 1 second OCUK are bad).
StephenK 17th June 2009, 02:07 Quote
Originally Posted by SNIPERMikeUK
(go to pcworld if u think for 1 second OCUK are bad).

Oh Jesus No! I don't think anyone was suggesting they were THAT bad!
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