Corsair DHX+ Mod: 4th Place Showdown

Corsair DHX+ Mod: 4th Place Showdown

The fourth place winner in our Corsair DHX+ mod competition!

With the first three places decided for the DHX+ mod competition, we've got our community involved to decide the fourth and final place.

The winner is Mattias Sørensen who achieved the most votes from our community with his heatpipe-fin creation. Mattias wins a Corsair Voyager 32GB USB stick for his efforts.

For the rest of you, stick around because as usually we'll be running more competitions soon!

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Jipa 12th January 2009, 18:51 Quote
#4! I've always felt like my random el-cheapo memories NEEEED some LN2 to cope with the crazy 800 MHz.
TheGreatSatan 12th January 2009, 22:51 Quote
Agreed, #4!
Bluephoenix 14th January 2009, 18:39 Quote
I like the H2O block, it looks easy to manufacture, which some of the others are decidedly not (and would thus impact any price considerations) and would be useful, giving those of us that W/c our memory other options instead of the OCZ flex-xlc sticks.
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