Google Chrome coming to Mac, Linux

Google Chrome coming to Mac, Linux

Support for extensions and plug-ins in Chrome is coming, but not any time soon.

With Google’s launch of its own Chrome web browser back in September 2008, the search giant looked set to further shake up the world of the web by adding another player into the ongoing battle of the browsers.

Now, five months on Google has outlined some new features it hopes to bring to Chrome in the next few months, with support for MAC OS X and Linux top of the list. In fact, speaking in an Interview with CNET, Chrome’s Product Manager, Brian Rakowski, said that Google wants to release Chrome for Linux and Mac before July this year, with a "work in progress test shell" able to render web pages, although its still limited to a “very basic,” user experience.

Rakowski also confirmed that the much requested support of plug-ins and extensions for Chrome, a shortcoming that has deterred many users of Firefox from making the switch to Google’s browser, was also coming along nicely, with the latest build of Chrome getting support for some “Greasemonkey” scripts.

However, Rakowski was clear that the current state of Chrome’s extension and script support, while showing potential is still pretty limited, stating that “We have user script support. That’s a baby step,” and that “You’ll see it evolve over time.

Frustrated over the slow pace of Chrome’s support for plug-ins and extensions? Are you a Mac or Linux users looking to switch to Google Chrome? What extensions are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the forums.


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Grasshopper 12th January 2009, 13:12 Quote
Extensions should be their main priority as many Mac and Linux users will want to have them too.
zelachang 12th January 2009, 16:54 Quote
I've been using chrome since release and I have to say, when I moved to chrome from FF I was worried about the lack of addons. After using chrome for awhile though, I realized that the majority of addons I had were just not that useful, asides from Adblock, which I replaced with Privoxy. While addons would be a useful addition, I hope the team working on chrome maintains its speed and low profile first and foremost.
TommyVD 12th January 2009, 17:22 Quote
Rss would be nice.
raGe82 12th January 2009, 18:07 Quote
No 'vimperator' for google chrome? No way to switch from firefox ;) Tired of using mouse...
UncertainGod 12th January 2009, 19:14 Quote
Once they hurry up with extensions support so I can have NoScript and Adblock I'll make the switch.
1-0-1 13th January 2009, 06:34 Quote
I am not too sure if Chrome will have Adblock - would that not be cutting indirectly into Google's business model?

Chrome only now availebel on the Mac - for such a verbal community I have not heared much moaning and complaining.
UncertainGod 13th January 2009, 08:10 Quote
Once the extension framework is active they won't be able to stop people making adblocking extensions.
Zut 13th January 2009, 23:25 Quote
Meh! I don't care for Chrome. Its not better than FF, just different.
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