Appcelerator launches Adobe Air rival

Appcelerator launches Adobe Air rival

The Titanium open source development environment aims to beat Adobe's Air at its own game - although it's still early days.

If you like the look of Adobe's Air platform but fancy something a bit more open, check out Titanium.

As reported by BetaNews yesterday, Titanium is a fully open source development environment aimed at desktop, mobile, and web content creators – and clearly an answer to Adobe's proprietary Air platform.

Appcelerator – the company behind Titanium – has launched a public preview of the system, which it describes as “the first open platform for building rich desktop applications.” Provided under the Apache Public License v2, both MacOS X and Windows binaries are currently available with a Linux version due for release in January 2009. As befits an open source package, the full source is also available if you fancy getting a head-start on running a Linux build.

The company has provided a set of desktop applications demonstrating what can be achieved with Titanium – including a Twitter client called Tweetanium, a desktop YouTube interface called Playtanium”, and a simple contact manager which demonstrates the ability to store items on both the client and server sides.

With the current build sitting at version 0.1, the company's chief technology officer Nolan Wright is the first to admit that Titanium is “not yet parallel in features with Air,” but hopes that “we'll be able to move way beyond where Air is, [as] in an open source environment, progress can be made very fast.

If you're interested in developing web applications that can integrate with desktops and – if the project pans out – mobile clients, then Titanium is definitely a project to keep an eye on. However, despite Wright's insistence that “Titanium is still in an early version, but it's ready for developers to start building and running [production] apps” I would counsel caution before relying on the as-yet unproven technology for anything mission-critical.

Any web application developers smacking their lips in anticipation of playing with Titanium, or does Adobe have the market sewn up already? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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Firehed 10th December 2008, 15:58 Quote
Cool concept, but like Air apps I really think they'd be miles more powerful if you had the ability to use some proper code-writing languages rather than just what runs within a browser (server-side stuff - php, python, perl, ruby/ror, etc)
Appcelerator 17th December 2008, 02:43 Quote
Hi Mr. Halfacree, my name is Trevor Cape, I am with Appcelerator and we would like to thank you for writing this article on us. It helps to spread our name and service. To show our appreciation of your efforts, we would like to send you a cool Appcelerator shirt and wristband. It would be great if you could send me your mailing address so we can send you the swag. Thank you and keep spreading the word about Appcelerator! If you have any comments or feedback on Appcelerator, post at

Happy Holidays from Trevor
and The Appcelerator Team
Gareth Halfacree 17th December 2008, 06:32 Quote
Awesome - free shirt!

I've sent you an e-mail, Trevor. Glad you liked the article.
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