Nokia leaves Japanese market

Nokia leaves Japanese market

Nokia has announced that it's leaving the Japanese market to other companies, citing the current tough economic climate.

Finnish mobile giant Nokia has announced that it is to leave the Japanese mobile 'phone market.

According to CNet, the company will cease its manufacturing agreements with Japanese firms NTT DoCoMo and Softbank Mobile, but keep producing the occasional top-end handset under its Vertu branding.

Executive vice president Timo Ihamuotila said of the move that "in the current economic climate, we have concluded that the continuation of our investment in Japan-specific localised products is no longer sustainable."

Although Nokia enjoys a 40 percent share of the global mobile 'phone market, it has always had a hard time breaking in to the huge Japanese market. With around 85 percent of the Japanese population already possessing home-grown handsets at least as powerful as anything Nokia has to offer, the company has clearly decided to step back and concentrate on markets closer to home.

With that in mind, the company has also announced that it's looking to create a system for home management via smartphone handsets. Dubbed the Nokia Home Control Centre, the technology looks to cash in on the current eco-friendly vibe by promising to help people manage their carbon footprint by remotely monitoring and managing the energy consumption of their home, along with integration with home security systems. The first demonstration of the system is due at the Nokia World event in Barcelona next week.

Do you think that Nokia is doing the right thing moving away from the tough Japanese market, or is the company merely admitting defeat in the face of impressive Japanese technology? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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Bauul 28th November 2008, 10:02 Quote
Doesn't surprise me, Nokia are having a bit of a hard time of it lately, they're not the all conquering market leaders they once were. I imagine they're pulling back on difficult markets and going back to concentrating on their home turf where they're needed.
identikit 28th November 2008, 10:18 Quote
I don't know something about their latest bunch of phones hasn't excited me personally. Anybody else think they play it too 'safe' with their new phones?
proxess 28th November 2008, 11:41 Quote
Seems like Casio mobiles are light years ahead...
Mentai 28th November 2008, 14:39 Quote

Nokia have Bruce Lee on their side! Nokia will never admit defeat!
ch424 29th November 2008, 09:29 Quote
Well, I really hope Nokia are doing badly. The last two Nokia handsets I've owned (N73, N82) are crap. They're poorly built and they crash the whole time. If it weren't for the way they run S60 software, I'd have bought a Sony phone too.
leviathan18 29th November 2008, 13:34 Quote
ch424 the n82 crashing ??? probably you are installing very bad coded software.

i have n82 since may and no issues here i have only some games and the garmin mobile gps the new firmwares speed the phone a lot and i love how fast the camera is, and the xenon flash is powerful.
Xir 1st December 2008, 09:31 Quote
The european market has quite different wishes for a phone than the japanese, then again, nokia isn't listening to customer wishes here either.

Apart from the "Gaming, GPS'ing Photographing MP3 playing phones", you'd be amazed in how many company's camera's generally are not allowed, practically locking out every nokia business phone.
I personally know a lot of people using a 6310i...that's a six years old phone!
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