Lian Li expands manufacturing capabilities

Lian Li expands manufacturing capabilities

Lian Li is hoping that a new laser cutter will convince OEMs to move their case manufacturing contracts to the company.

While the current global economic slowdown is proving disastrous for many companies, some are enjoying new growth: case manufacturer Lian Li, for example.

The aluminium case specialist company has announced that it has spent a not inconsiderable amount of money investing in new toys for its manufacturing facility in Keelung, Taiwan – including a funky new laser cutter from Amada.

The device – the second to be fitted to the company's factory – is destined to be used to offer OEMs the chance to create small runs of customised cases with rapid turnaround and surprisingly low cost, which is good news for anyone that likes an innovative case design for their builds. The company has described this focus on manufacturing for OEMs as “integral to Lian Li's future plans to cater for other big name brands,” clearly hoping that as companies tighten their belts and sell off manufacturing capability that it will be in a perfect position to take up the slack. Indeed, the company claims that the new manufacturing capabilities will offer OEMs a thirty-day turnaround time between a product design being submitted and the first production batch being shipped.

If you're a fan of Lian Li's own case designs, you have nothing to fear: despite the hopes from management that the company will be able to work with some of the bigger names in the business to build mass-market products, Lian Li hasn't forgotten their fans in the enthusiast market: the company promises to maintain quality and continue to add “handcrafted aspects to their prestigious lineup of own branded products.”

Are you hoping that some mainstream companies like Dell will turn to Lian Li to improve the design of their PC ranges, or should the company stop flirting with the big boys and concentrate on top-quality products for the enthusiast? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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icutebluezone 6th November 2008, 10:00 Quote
Burnout21 6th November 2008, 11:44 Quote
I must say i would like to know who came up with there recent case designs, because there aweful! ie Tyr PC-X2000, 'screams and runs to wash eyes with soap'

What would be awesome is if Lian li started to offer a customize function on there website, so you can get it almost pre-modded by them. considering the material is already in the laser cutter, why not add those cuts and save your dremal? lol!
mrb_no1 6th November 2008, 16:47 Quote
nice idea burnout, i like it but my initial thoughts would be that they have quotas to match and this may just balls all that up. plus adding new cuts into the line (even if they are pre programmed) can just make things go wrong. more importantly its probably such a niche market that the costs off setting it up would massively outweigh the market share gain/ potential profit. I like the idea though


metarinka 6th November 2008, 18:13 Quote
your local job shop probably has a precision plasma, water jet or laser system that would probably set you up. Going rate is around 30-50/hr for cut time not to mention any setup fees or programming fees they have. IT costs about 25-30$/hr to run a laser or waterjet in terms of consumables electricity etc.

the factory I work at has an amada cnc laser and an amada cnc turret punch press. They really are time savers and we have ours running 24/7 during 3 shifts.
icutebluezone 7th November 2008, 04:37 Quote
I do have to say That burnout21 has a point there new cases are not that nice. 1 thing i dont like is top usb ports little flap on the top of cases. Also a modding thing on there site would be nice. Laser cut window designs. or Rad holes laser cut.
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