HP extends warranties for Nvidia flaw

HP extends warranties for Nvidia flaw

Owners of HP Pavilion slim-line PCs join Dell and Apple laptop owners on the ticking Nvidia GPU timebomb list.

It looks like Nvidia's problems with the bad batch of GPUs it's been selling are far from over, with box maker HP joining the list of manufacturers warning customers to expect faults from systems fitted with the dodgy chips.

First spotted over on Slashdot by user Barence, HP has issued what it is describing as a “Warranty Service Enhancement” for a range of Pavilion slimline desktop PCs due to faults which can occur due to the same Nvidia on-board GPU chip that has been causing Dell and Apple such problems with their laptop ranges.

The problem, described as systems which “may not boot or may not display video” - very similar to the wording used on other warranty extensions for this issue – is known to affect thirty-six different models of Pavilion systems world-wide, including several UK specific units.

Although the company has stopped short of recalling the product outright – asking customers with the models featured in the affected units list that aren't experiencing problems to hang on to them – any listed system which exhibits problems with the Nvidia graphics chip will be eligible for “a motherboard replacement at no charge for 12 months from the date your one-year Hardware Limited Warranty expires or until December 31, 2009, whichever is sooner.

Although there has been no official word from HP or Nvidia yet, it's clear that someone will be picking up the tab for this latest goof – and my money is on Nvidia. With both Dell and Apple offering similar warranty extensions, it looks like Nvidia's warnings to investors regarding the issue may well come true: this could cost the company a great deal of money as more and more manufacturers are forced to repair units outside the regular warranty period due to Nvidia's manufacturing defect.

Any HP Pavilion owners getting the karmic face-palm after laughing about the Dell and Apple laptops, or is it just the sound of ATI fanboys gloating I can hear? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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proxess 15th October 2008, 14:34 Quote
this is really going to kill Nvidia credability.
Sebbo 15th October 2008, 17:56 Quote
i really wish nvidia's spin would stop getting thrown around. its quite obviously well beyond being not just a "bad batch" or "manufacturing glitch". to put it bluntly, its a major f**k up on nvidia's behalf. Charlie Demerjian from The INQ (though he may seem heavily biased against nvidia) reckons he's been told by several sources that (and this is simplifying it alot, but gives you the general idea) nvidia's been designing and spec'ing the chips power (and thus heat output) lower than they really are, eg. saying a 30W chip is only 20W, meaning that the chips aren't cooled anywhere near as well as they should be.
can read all about it here: (three parts)
bubsterboo 15th October 2008, 23:13 Quote
Apple is offering warenty extensions on their effected notebooks? I wasn't aware of this, and i do have a nvidia GPU in my MBP.
r4tch3t 19th October 2008, 06:28 Quote
ATI fanboys laughing? I have a 8600GT and I am laughing at them, I have found the mobile Radeons to be underpowered compared to their nVidia counterparts. It may be defective, but it is still a good chip. I just hope nVidia will bring out a new line with the same power envelope so I can exchange the MXM module with a better chip if it dies.
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