Apple recalls iPhone power adaptors

Apple recalls iPhone power adaptors

The affected mains unit has a nasty habit of leaving the electrical prongs behind in the mains socket - for a potentially shocking experience.

Apple has issued a recall programme for the mains to USB power adaptors supplied with its iPhone range and available as an additional accessory on various iPod devices.

According to BetaNews, the ultra-compact chargers have a flaw which can result in the metal prongs breaking off and remaining lodged in power sockets – possibly leaving a lovely means to get a mains-voltage shock if you're not careful.

So far, the recall only affects two-pronged 'flat' units sold in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and numerous South American countries using the same power system. European 'round prong' units and the UK three-pin units are not affected by the recall, being – it would seem – built of sterner stuff.

Despite no mention of any known casualties, Apple isn't taking the problem lightly – the official page for the recall states that users should “immediately stop using them until they exchange them for a new, redesigned ultracompact adapter.” Having had, at various points in my life, numerous mains-voltage shocks I can only agree that this is excellent advice.

The programme will begin accepting faulty units in Apple Stores in the affected countries starting on the 10th of October, or units can be sent back to Apple for immediate replacement via the web form. Note that replacement will take “approximately 3 weeks”, during which time Apple advises that affected owners charge their iPhone by “connecting it to their computer with the USB cable that came with their iPhone or by using a standard-sized Apple USB Power Adapter (with fold up prongs) or with a third party adapter designed to work with the iPhone, such as a car charger.

Have any of our American readers suffered from the self-dismantling mains adaptors, or is Apple just being extra-cautious with the recall? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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bubsterboo 23rd September 2008, 09:27 Quote
Haven't had any issues with mine, but asked for the replacement anyways.
p3n 23rd September 2008, 09:29 Quote
Even with our horrible UK plugs the iphone charger is tiny, why they bothered to try and miniturise(sp?) something so deadly is beyond me ...
Krikkit 23rd September 2008, 09:37 Quote
Our horrible plugs? Our plugs are the best ones tbh.
ChaosDefinesOrder 23rd September 2008, 09:52 Quote
UK power plugs are the safest in the world!
Bionic-Blob 23rd September 2008, 10:00 Quote
Originally Posted by ChaosDefinesOrder
UK power plugs are the safest in the world!

Arkanrais 23rd September 2008, 10:57 Quote
'it just works'
Bluephoenix 23rd September 2008, 14:23 Quote
Having had, at various points in my life, numerous mains-voltage shocks I can only agree that this is excellent advice.

now we get the explanation of why you're a bit-tech columnist. :p

in seriousness, its a good thing that they are being careful as if anyone is hurt, the lawyers will be out.
B3CK 24th September 2008, 04:46 Quote
I always wondered why Iphone users were so energized. ;)
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