TJX crackers charged

TJX crackers charged

The eleven individuals alleged to be responsible for the theft of credit card details from unsecured networks were charged Tuesday.

If you've ever been tempted to sniff traffic on an unsecured (or WEP secured, which is pretty close to being unsecured for all practical purposes) for fun and profit, think again – it's got eleven people in trouble with retail chain TJX.

The international list of defendants – which includes three US citizens, an Estonian national, three Ukrainians, two hailing from China, a shadowy individual who appears to only exist under a web nickname, and a Belarusian according to CNet – stand accused of obtaining credit and debit card details for over forty million individuals in a range of retailers, most famously the TJX group of companies which includes TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and TK Maxx here in the UK. The spree started with that old favourite, wardriving – closely followed by penetration of the insecure networks and installation of network sniffers to grab and store the data.

The three individuals unlucky enough to be on US soil when the midden hit the windmill – Albert Gonzalez, Christopher Scott, and Damon Patrick Toey – have found themselves up before the beak on charges of computer fraud, wire fraud, access-device fraud (whatever that is), aggravated identity theft and conspiracy. The others have found themselves indicted under similar charges, with Gonzales, Maksym Yastremskiy, and Aleksandr Suvorov currently being held in custody. The remaining members are, however, “at large” - which is cop speak for “we have no idea where they are.”

Whether the remaining members of what is described by mainstream media as a “major criminal hacking gang” will ever be found and brought to justice remains to be seen – extradition from friendly countries like the Ukraine is hard enough, but it's almost unheard of for the Chinese to hand a national over to the US.

Do you know anyone who was affected by the TJX break-in? Looking forward to seeing justice done in the case of the “TJX Eleven”? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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DougEdey 7th August 2008, 10:46 Quote
Access Device Fraud

I remember the ho-ha about this a while back, my mum demanded that I never shop there again, until I told her my card had changed recently anyway. They don't make bank cards that last these days.
Jamie 7th August 2008, 11:39 Quote
Makes you wonder how secure those wireless chip and pin devices are.
Redbeaver 7th August 2008, 14:35 Quote
China will never hand over one of theirs... u need Batman.......
Jik 7th August 2008, 16:26 Quote
Originally Posted by Redbeaver
China will never hand over one of theirs... u need Batman.......

That was the exact same thing that came to my mind.
benjaminwright 7th August 2008, 22:31 Quote
Careful reading of the TJX indictments show that the media, card issuers and Federal Trade Commission over-reacted to the TJX incident. TJX was not as bad as we were led to believe. --Ben <a href=""></a>
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