ATI Special Edition Lian Li Case Winner Announced

ATI Special Edition Lian Li Case Winner Announced

The ATI Special Edition Lian Li Case

We have had a fantastic response to the competition we've been running for the past two weeks in association with Immortal Gaming to give away a special edition ATI "Spider" Lian Li case.

We received over 300 entries,but of course there can only be one lucky winner!

Congratulations go to Glen Dixon who correctly answered the question of how many drive bays the case featured (12). Glen wins the special edition ATI "Spider" Lian Li case worth over £300!

Once again we would like to thank Immortal Gaming for providing the prize, and also thank all the bit-tech readers who took the time to enter.

If you missed out of this competition stay tuned to the bit-tech front page as we have more competitions on the way!

Why not congratulate Glen, or perhaps discuss your bitter defeat in the forums!

ATI Special Edition Lian Li Case Winner Announced ATI Special Edition Lian Li Case Winner Announced


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haggisathome 1st August 2008, 17:45 Quote
Originally Posted by Baz
Did you enter our competition to win a ATI Special Edition Lian Li Case? If so read on to find out if you've won.......

a link would kinda help or just more info (like the winner)
ComputerKing 1st August 2008, 17:55 Quote
Originally Posted by haggisathome
a link would kinda help or just more info (like the winner)


He is a lucky dude ;) :(
DougEdey 1st August 2008, 18:04 Quote
Congrats mate
Hugo 1st August 2008, 18:15 Quote
Well done Glen.

Curse my defeat!

Although having seen the case in the flesh (so to speak) I think everyone but Glen who entered was a winner ;)
Colt 45 J 1st August 2008, 18:45 Quote
I think they misspelled my name... or maybe I forgot to enter :(
Anyway, good job man, gratz.
MrMonroe 1st August 2008, 20:04 Quote
Now stick a Core2 in there next to a 9600GT. You'll have the biggest hipster computer ever.
Otis1337 1st August 2008, 20:23 Quote
dam it!... would of liked that.
well done all the same! grats dude
Stuey 1st August 2008, 20:48 Quote
Hg 1st August 2008, 21:20 Quote
ah well done dude, i had a 1 in 300ish chance and lost :(
teamtd11 1st August 2008, 21:57 Quote
:facepalm: i sent the wrong answer, so i did't even get in the 300:1 chance

grats to the winner, and thanks bit-tech for doing these competitions ;) maybe next time i will send the right answer.
Red 5 1st August 2008, 23:18 Quote
Erm, crikey.

Thanks for the well wishes, guys. Is three hundred a large entry figure, or was it sarcasm? I can't tell.

As it happens, I've been looking for a reason to sign up to the forums, and I guess this is as good a reason as any. I may not have been a contributor, but I've been reading bit-tech and lurking around here for a few years and think I've got the gist. Now then, I'm off to start my own new build thread, plan a mod which will never happen, lose an argument to nexxo, and post screenshots of scantily clad women on my desktop.

Lian-Li cheesecake.
Ending Credits 2nd August 2008, 11:04 Quote
I was going to do a AMD-ATI Spider themed mod if I won this. :p

Congrats anyway.
Daniel114 2nd August 2008, 23:01 Quote
Hi bit-tech. It looks like once again you've made some sort of clerical error and its not my name on the winners role. If you could get someone to look into this then that would be great.


IMG Team Member 3rd August 2008, 12:51 Quote
Dear Glen


I hope you enjoy your prize and I hope you have taken the time to check us out over at Immortal Gaming.

We at Immortal Gaming Ltd have searched the world to offer you, the hardcore gamer the ultimate choice in extreme gaming hardware, components and peripherals to give you the edge over the competition.

We understand how important it to stay ahead of the game, be at your best and to have the complete confidence in your hardware keeping the pace in the most intense frag fest.

That along with our unrivaled advice and support ensures together we are an unbeatable team!

Again well done Glen and enjoy

You are now on the path to becoming Immortal!!!

Happy Gaming

The IMG Team.
IMG Team Member 9th August 2008, 09:11 Quote
Hey Glen

Hope you received your nice new case ok.

Lets see what plans you have for it!!!
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