Opera Mini 4.1 released

Opera Mini 4.1 released

Opera Mini 4.1 introduces some nice new features to the free Java-based browser - but blondes aren't amongst them.

The latest release of the Opera browser for mobile devices, Opera Mini 4.1, was officially upgraded from its beta status yesterday and is now available for download.

The latest version of the free handheld browser includes several features borrowed from its desktop-based companion, Opera 9.5. These include a Find feature that highlights entered terms on a page (a feature sadly lacking from most browsers aimed at the mobile market) and the ability to guess what URL you were hoping to visit after the entry of a few characters in the address bar.

If you're installing Opera Mini on a phone that supports the JSR-75 extensions to Java, then you'll enjoy the ability to save pages into the memory of your phone as well as the option to upload and download files of any format. Whether you can actually use the files you download will, of course, depend on what other software you've got installed.

Possibly the best new feature for 4.1 is an improvement to the compression algorithms used to minimise data transfer costs and give you a speedy-feeling web on your mobile – Opera claims that the new version cuts page load times in half compared to previous releases of Opera Mini.

If you've got a Windows Mobile or Symbian based handset, then I've got some bad news for you – you'll have to plump for the paid-for commercial version of Opera Mini, Opera Mobile. Users of Java-based phones and PalmOS units with a Java environment installed, however, will be able to enjoy the freebie.

What browser do you use on your mobile devices, or do you firmly believe that a phone is for voice calls and nothing more? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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<A88> 14th May 2008, 09:52 Quote
WinMo has a Java plugin which is pretty much standard on most handsets- I for one have Opera mini on my mobile atm. That said, Opera Mobile is a much better product- or at least should be when the next version comes out.
sbarts 14th May 2008, 10:06 Quote
Opera mini should work on most symbian based phones. It certainly works on my N95
Darkedge 14th May 2008, 10:46 Quote
The Freebie is a cut down version mobile is much better - but this is still good news
Tybalt 14th May 2008, 16:26 Quote
This article is inaccurate...people with Windows Mobile phones can easily use Opera Mini and there is no need to buy Opera Mobile (as Windows Mobile can indeed use a java platform). Also note that Opera does NOT claim to cut load times in claims that it is 50% faster. Speed and time are not interchangeable units. Something that is 50% FASTER will actually cut TIME by 33%.....not 50%. Example: if it rendered a page at 20k per second it would render at 30k per second (50% faster)...........which means that a 60k page would now take 2 seconds instead of 3.....which isn't cutting your time in half.
pendragon 14th May 2008, 18:26 Quote
welcome to the bit-tech forums, Tybalt.

I wonder if Opera is faster than Blazer... hmm I may need to look into this..
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