Microsoft designs creepy life-spy

Microsoft designs creepy life-spy

The neck-mounted device records every moment that causes a raised heart rate. No, really.

Hands up if you've seen the Robin Williams sci-fi flick Final Cut? If you haven't, then I'll explain the basic premise: Williams plays an editor who specialises in working with footage taken by in-brain cameras parents have fitted to their children in order to condense footage of an entire life into a single film loved ones can use to remember the dearly departed. And yes, it's pretty creepy.

Well, it seems that someone at Microsoft has been watching the same films as me and didn't quite get the moral of the tale: the company has designed a new wearable device dubbed Momenta for the NextGen PC Design Competition. Looking worryingly like an explosive collar from The Running Man, the idea is that the device uses a built-in camera to record your daily life to a running buffer. When it detects an increased heartbeat via its pressure against your neck it saves the buffer to a file so you can later view imagery of whatever it was that made you excited/happy/terrified.

Yeah. Because that's not likely to backfire at all.

Honey, why is your Momenta filled with videos girls' bottoms on your walk to work?

The device is said to “[capture] the best and most exciting moments of your life,” and uses a projected gesture-based interface to do its... Well, interfacing.

The device is clearly a pipe dream at the moment, with such specifications as a “200GB solid state molecular shift memory” and a button which projects a fully interactive PC desktop onto any surface available via a “extended cavity surface emitting optoelectronic chip-laser”. It does show, however, that companies such as Microsoft are clearly throwing not inconsiderable money at researching the next “big thing”. I'm just not quite sure this is it.

Would you like a video record of every moment of your life that caused your heart rate to rise, or is it a worrying trend in an already increasingly privacy-free world? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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mmorgue 21st February 2008, 08:22 Quote
Naw, too primitive, too basic, too 'on/off'. If it's merely recording the [visual] moments which induce elevated heart rate then it could be anything or nothing. If you were bricklayer then a nicely formed wall might get you going, if you're a priest then any boys walking down the street, if you suffer from stress then probably anything.

Now, if we're talking something along the lines of Strange Days... that might be cool.
Delphium 21st February 2008, 09:01 Quote
Most disturbing
_DTM2000_ 21st February 2008, 10:09 Quote
Thats just pointless and creepy.

Note to MS: Stop wasting your money on crap like this and concentrate on making Windows faster and more secure.
[USRF]Obiwan 21st February 2008, 11:28 Quote
Reminds me of the exploding deadlock devices from the movie Deadlock with Rutger Hauer.

So if you wear this Microsoft 'device' and you want to escape the Microsoft campus your head will explode!
chicorasia 21st February 2008, 11:42 Quote
How long before every "democratic" government out there makes it mandatory?

FOR YOUR PROTECION, of course....
VictorianBloke 21st February 2008, 12:17 Quote
^^ and include some form of Wifi device so they can watch our every move, reminiscent of 1984
Veles 21st February 2008, 12:26 Quote
Are they gonna throw us on some island next and make us fight to the death?
naokaji 21st February 2008, 12:57 Quote
Originally Posted by VictorianBloke
reminiscent of 1984

maybe someone should tell them that 1984 was not intended as a guide....
LeMaltor 21st February 2008, 13:00 Quote
That looks extremely helpful tbh I want one :D
Angleus 21st February 2008, 13:16 Quote
Originally Posted by Veles
Are they gonna throw us on some island next and make us fight to the death?

lol the whole thing is obviously inspired by battle royale
proxess 21st February 2008, 13:35 Quote
Then they'll put Windows Advantage Notification thingy on it, so everytime you look at a nice ass, you get a popup in the corner of your eye saying "Please grade this bottom [*][*][*][][]".
Delphium 21st February 2008, 13:53 Quote
Originally Posted by [USRF]Obiwan
So if you wear this Microsoft 'device' and you want to escape the Microsoft campus your head will explode!

To escape?! as if selling ones sole to get into the devils lair was not enough.
Redbeaver 21st February 2008, 14:22 Quote

now that IS funny....
docodine 21st February 2008, 16:08 Quote
This is kinda boring compared to some of the other entries on their website. Look at the Illusion PC, and the Napkin PC. I didn't think that they would have an actual case mod on there. :P
pendragon 21st February 2008, 18:35 Quote
hahaha.. the opportunities for hilarity with this are endless
Arkanrais 21st February 2008, 19:30 Quote
I'd get one if it had a switch instead of being heart rate activated. many times I have had my heat "jump" when handling hardware (like almost dropping a new harddrive that cost me $170, or almost pushing over my chest of drawers that has both my monitors and a lot of other junk on it), not to mention that ever time I get low blood sugar (diabetic) my heart rate shoots up (not fussed on videos of myself shoveling sugary foods down my gob from the insane amounts of insulin I take).

this could be useful as an unobtrusive cheap-ish video camera that you don't have to constantly hold onto, which could be useful for many things (including a 3am trip to my favorite abandoned mental hospital/small village)
cowtc 22nd February 2008, 13:04 Quote
"Looking worryingly like an explosive collar from The Running Man"

Did you mean like the devices the students wore in Battle Royale? Now that was a quality film
The_Beast 23rd February 2008, 01:31 Quote
that is really creepy

*chills down neck*
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