Mac support for TrueCrypt 5.0

Mac support for TrueCrypt 5.0

TrueCrypt: Now with Mac support. Yes, I know that's not a Mac screenshot. Get over it.

If you're a paranoic – and remember, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you – then you're probably running some form of encryption on your pr0n. I mean, personal files. If so, you'll be pleased to hear of a new version of the open-source encryption application TrueCrypt.

Now in version 5.0, TrueCrypt has long been a stalwart for those hiding from the black helicopters. Previously available for systems running Windows and Linux, the latest version now adds support for MacOS X – just in case the in-built FileVault doesn't fill you with confidence.

The features of older versions are retained, including the ability to encrypt an entire partition and to have hidden volumes within encrypted volumes for real 'plausible deniability'. The new version is fully compatible with volumes created with older versions, although volumes created with the latest release will use SHA-512 instead of the increasingly broken SHA-1 as the hash algorithm.

Additional changes include a graphical user interface for the Linux version, a pipelined IO mode for the Windows version that can double the read/write speed, a 'pre-boot authentication' agent allowing users to encrypt an entire system volume, and an implementation of Phillip Rogaway's XTS operation mode which offers improved speed and security compared to the older LRW mode.

I've been using TrueCrypt on a 'traveller volume' pendrive for quite some time, keeping my private files private in case of loss or theft. This new version certainly seems nippier during writing operations, although the old version is no slouch.

Sadly, I don't have a Mac to try the new MacOS build on, so if any of you have a suitable system then give it a try and share the results over in the forums.


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outlawaol 7th February 2008, 08:16 Quote
Sounds cool. Now if I only had files that were secret enough to want to encrypt.

Cthippo 7th February 2008, 09:42 Quote
Ditto. Sadly there is nothing on my computer interesting enough to worry about someone else seeing.
Woodstock 7th February 2008, 10:13 Quote
the only thing i would need to encrypt will be my finniancial info once i get around to using gnucash. Im assuming that an encrypted partition can still be reformated
Firehed 7th February 2008, 13:58 Quote
The Mac version looks just like the PC version, but with round buttons ;)

I'm testing opening up a tc-encrypted file from v4 on Windows on my Mac, will share results once it finishes SCPing over from work.

works fine :)
Da Dego 7th February 2008, 15:20 Quote
Weee! I love trucrypt. Been unable to really use it effectively lately, though, due to the whole windows/nix but no mac. I need all three OSes before a tool is useful for me when it comes to this type of product.
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