Firefox market share rises

Firefox market share rises

Firefox says: "Today Europe, tomorrow the world!"

Open-source browser Firefox is continuing to gain market share according to figures published by XiTi Monitor yesterday.

In the latest results of the company's regular survey into Internet habits worldwide, XiTi Monitor has reckoned Firefox's market share in Europe to be around the 28 percent mark, up from 20 percent just two years ago.

According to the survey, Firefox seems to be most popular in Finland with almost 46 percent of all web browsing done via the burny vulpine. Slovenia and Poland are also fans of the open-source project, with market shares of 44.6 and 42.4 percent respectively.

We here in the UK are currently letting the side down, with just 17.2 percent of us choosing to use Firefox. Our neighbours in Ireland are doing quite a bit better, at 29.6 percent market share. In fact, the only European countries who use Firefox less than us are Ukraine and the Netherlands.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer needn't worry, though: according to the survey the browser, which ships by default with all Microsoft operating systems, leads the way at an impressive 66.1 percent market share throughout Europe. Whether this shows a fondness for the browser or just apathy on the part of PC owners isn't immediately obvious.

Other browsers also made a brave showing, with Opera accounting for 3.3 percent of European browsing. Apple's Safari trails with 2 percent, and poor old Netscape – remember that? - is still battling ever onward with a frankly pitiful half a percent. All together now: aww.

What browser do you favour, and does your choice vary by device? Are you loyal to a single brand, or is it a question of 'the right tool for the job'? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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Mongoose132 30th January 2008, 07:39 Quote
It's Opera for me, and always has been, IE is useless in comparison :D
DriftCarl 30th January 2008, 08:00 Quote
Firefox when at home, forced to use IE7 at work :(
perplekks45 30th January 2008, 08:00 Quote
FireFox 3 ftw!
Anyone knows when it's out of beta stages?
danskmacabre 30th January 2008, 08:04 Quote
FF for me, it's just more convenient and faster than IE. I have tried Opera and it's nice, but I'm used to FF now.
Spaceraver 30th January 2008, 08:15 Quote
FF here too, on all machines in my house.. Xubuntu was a no-brainer as to which browser to use anyways..
Mankz 30th January 2008, 08:20 Quote
Well, I recenetly swapped back to IE7, then a few weeks ago, went back to FF..

I'm now a firefox lover.
Almightyrastus 30th January 2008, 08:23 Quote
IE7 at work and either IE7 or FF at home dpending on what I am using, desktop or laptop.
Brett89 30th January 2008, 08:28 Quote
C'mon Netscape you can do it! Be strong! I've the FF 3 Beta 2, that's on all the computers I own.
perplekks45 30th January 2008, 08:52 Quote
IE7 at work? I'm stuck with IE6 there... and they won't allow me to go FF... :(
jezmck 30th January 2008, 09:07 Quote
Am a web developer so it's both, even at home. But Firefox is my preference.
Woodstock 30th January 2008, 09:08 Quote
firefox 99% of the time for me
will. 30th January 2008, 09:18 Quote
Anything other than IEx

They really need to just get a standards guru in at Microsoft who looks like a complete brute so people will take attention when he shouts "No. ****ing. SPECIAL EFFECTS".
Cthippo 30th January 2008, 09:23 Quote
Opera at home and FF at work. Would be Opera all the time if i had the ambition to battle the "computer guy" at work (He's NOT an IT professional).

I did run into a site the other day that won't work with the most current version of opera, only version 6 or earlier :|
Solidus 30th January 2008, 09:38 Quote
Iv just switched over to firefox and i must say im very impressed. It wasnt as good as this before...but its quite sleek and sexy now with the right skin and the addons make it really good.

Adblocker, Fasterfox are good :) Also no script although its too aggressive.
iwog 30th January 2008, 09:49 Quote
To all those complaining that work doesn't let them use FF, have you tried using it in its portable apps version? Have to say that it's a life save both at work and Uni.
burny vulpine
Come on guys you used a nice "complex" word like vulpine and then couple it with burny :( Couldn't you have used flammable, inflammable or combustible instead?
Gareth Halfacree 30th January 2008, 09:59 Quote
Originally Posted by iwog
Come on guys you used a nice "complex" word like vulpine and then couple it with burny :( Couldn't you have used flammable, inflammable or combustible instead?

But I *like* the word 'burny'. Almost as much as 'burnination', which I'm still hoping will get included in the next revision of the OED.

Plus, why does 'flammable' mean the same as 'inflammable'? I mean, that's an accident waiting to happen.
menemsis 30th January 2008, 11:00 Quote
Opera 9.25

its the fastest & the Strongest
Cupboard 30th January 2008, 11:34 Quote
Originally Posted by Gareth Halfacree
But I *like* the word 'burny'. Almost as much as 'burnination', which I'm still hoping will get included in the next revision of the OED.

Plus, why does 'flammable' mean the same as 'inflammable'? I mean, that's an accident waiting to happen.

Burny is good :) inflammable actually means flammable according to the Oxford paperback dictionary, thesaurus and wordpower guide. There is even a little box telling you not to get confused! That is probably about the 5th time I have used that dictionary since school gave it to me 4.5 years ago. I have to say, until I looked it up I thought inflammable was "not flammable"

Anyway, nice to see FF doing well, I couldn't do with out it, with all me extensions and bookmarklets (handy for getting round web filters;))
DXR_13KE 30th January 2008, 11:53 Quote
people are starting to see the light..... :D
BioSniper 30th January 2008, 14:14 Quote
FF for me, IE when I find the odd site that HAS to use it for ActiveX or similar, the missus refuses to let go of Safari on the Mac though.
Jamie 30th January 2008, 14:26 Quote
Safari on the mac is great, only use Firefox when checking new html and css compatability.
BioSniper 30th January 2008, 14:43 Quote
I just don't get on with it as I prefer cross platform familiarity. Not denying that it's good by any means, I just prefer the "feel" of firefox more than anything.
KoenVdd 30th January 2008, 14:50 Quote
80% FF and 20% Opera. Firefox is a lot more user friendly (still trying to fathom the kind of logic they used for shortcuts in Opera), but Opera has some pretty neat heavy duty browsing functions. The session saving is very useful if you're going through webcomics (I tried extensions to FF but they messed it up more) and the fast forward is also neat (with mouse gesture shortcuts included). The read feature is also quiet good, especially the intonation (better than windows standard) only it's pauses at bold, italic, underlined words and links make it pretty much useless for say, wikipedia. And of course the ever useful gadgets like voice activation are unmissable.
What I'd like to see is Opera with the user friendliness of FF.
naokaji 30th January 2008, 14:58 Quote
Internet crapper 6 ehh explorer at work.. have to and hate it.
using opera at home, its like going from the stoneage to the future every time i get home;)
LVMike 30th January 2008, 21:07 Quote
will. 30th January 2008, 21:59 Quote
Originally Posted by KoenVdd
Firefox is a lot more user friendly [than opera]

I'd say it was the other way round... My mum, brother and sister use opera because they like that quick dial thing and widgets. I use Firefox because of the addons. Web developing stuff mainly. Which no other browser really offers.
yodasarmpit 30th January 2008, 22:24 Quote
Firefox at home, Firefox portable at work.
Tried Opera many several times and it just doesn't feel right for me, don't know why but it just doesn't.
Breach 31st January 2008, 23:01 Quote
99.9% FF for me, even at work though I'm not supposed to Gotta use IE for a couple things....but IE is a slug, and pale in comparison. FF is what IE should have been all along, but at the MS trend is lately, they missed the boat.
notatoad 1st February 2008, 00:24 Quote
anybody have the stats from the bit-tech server logs?
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