Age of Conan delayed until May

Age of Conan delayed until May

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures has now been delayed until the end of May.

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, the gross and gory MMORPG being developed by Funcom, has been delayed again apparently, according to a report at Eurogamer.

The game is now set for a release on May 20th this year.

The incredibly dark and violent MMO is being touted as a faithful recreation of the Conan universe by Robert E. Howard fanboys and, if the current footage is anything to go by, looks to be a nicely adult take on the franchise after years of camp cartoons and movie tie-ins.

This isn't the first time that the release date has been pushed back though - the game was originally set for a debut late last year and we've been practically salivating with anticipation since long before that.

Eurogamer also reports that there is still no news on the Xbox 360 version of the PC MMO, with Funcom only committing to the fact that it will follow the PC game at some point.

Funcom has said that the delay has come about so that more time can be spent combing through the code to find bugs and so the game can be stress-tested for performance problems. A good idea, sure, but it does mean that Age of Conan will be competing directly with Warhammer Online.

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DXR_13KE 21st January 2008, 13:35 Quote
another W.O.W.?
Redbeaver 21st January 2008, 13:56 Quote
im still a fan of LOTRO. sorry. ;)
Nictron 21st January 2008, 14:05 Quote
LOTRO Rules the roost!
yakyb 21st January 2008, 15:10 Quote
better to delay than release early afaik
Darkedge 21st January 2008, 16:04 Quote
Not a surprise as it needs lots more work - a further delay wouldn't shock me either.
LOTRO? Pretty looking wack-a-mole, if I wanted to play my skill bar I'd play it but I like something a bit more fun.
Bungle 21st January 2008, 17:06 Quote
Bah release dates. As elusive as the riddle of steel.
completemadness 21st January 2008, 19:31 Quote
Originally Posted by Redbeaver
im still a fan of LOTRO. sorry. ;)
Aghhhh noooo not LOTRO

Oh well, ill be laughing all the way to the time bank when turbine shuts it down in a few years
RedDethX 22nd January 2008, 00:39 Quote
Still favouring WoW lol :x I hope this has that certain gift WoW does to just attract people :p
Duste 22nd January 2008, 03:44 Quote
Originally Posted by Redbeaver
im still a fan of LOTRO. sorry. ;)
Originally Posted by Nictron
LOTRO Rules the roost!

You have to be kidding me...
Bungle 24th January 2008, 01:10 Quote
Checkout the tech demo. Looks sweet

Age Of Conan Tech Demo
DXR_13KE 24th January 2008, 12:11 Quote
very nice.... are there any other MMO's with that image quality?
Rumin 9th May 2008, 10:15 Quote
It's coming!! and looking good too. The combat system and some other elements are a bit different from tradition though. This might help you get through more easily.
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