January brings two Windows patches

January brings two Windows patches

You know that Bill will have updated his copy of Windows by now, so what's your excuse?

Microsoft launched its regular 'Patch Tuesday' updates via Windows update yesterday, and it's a two-fer on security patches for Windows.

Anyone using any version of Windows since Windows 2000 will be advised to install the first patch, described by Microsoft as 'critical' and designed to plug two flaws in the default TCP/IP stack. The bugs, if left unpatched, could allow malicious types to execute arbitrary code on your PC remotely and even to create themselves a lovely new user account.

The second patch only applies to Windows versions prior to Microsoft's latest and greatest Vista, and is rated as 'important'. The update is again designed to prevent arbitrary code execution under an elevated account (which is to say, an account with system privileges) via a hole in the Windows Local Security Authority Subsystem Service. That's the LSASS.EXE process you keep seeing pop up in Task Manager, and is somewhat ironically responsible for system logins and security. Vista users may commence sniggering now.

Patch Tuesday for January 2008 also saw the release of five other 'high-priority' updates, although none are security related. Users of Windows Update (rather than the new-and-improved Microsoft Update) will only see two additional patches.

Have you already installed the updates, or are you secure in the knowledge that your firewall will protect you from the nasties? Let us know via the forums.


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will. 9th January 2008, 13:03 Quote
I've just been sat watching my computer configuring updates for 2 hours. On shut-down it gave up so I had to restart and then on boot it gave up so I had to restart into safe mode and then start all over again.

And I'm at work so I didn't even have any games to play while waiting!
samkiller42 9th January 2008, 13:34 Quote
It downloaded, and installed fine (Vista and Server 2003)
Shame it didn't sort out my resolution issues, grrrr.

Redbeaver 9th January 2008, 13:51 Quote
i woke up to see that my vista is rebooted and greeted me with a login page... odd how they usually would ask me if i want to reboot or not, but this one just forcefully rebooted. event log shows as soon as update is performed, it gave me 4minutes to postpone or reboot. i dont think ive ever seen it with other vista update....

got to the office, and my 2 XP computers (pro and home) are in the same state.

not happy.

im just picking on it, but i guess im abit irk whenever microsoft reboots my machine without my permission :(
Darkedge 9th January 2008, 14:23 Quote
amusing considering several viruses have disguised themselves as LSASS.EXE before.

"Shame it didn't sort out my resolution issues, grrrr." most likely those are driver issues, so as I suspect I blame NVidia's shonky recent drivers.
g3n3tiX 9th January 2008, 16:30 Quote
Updated without problems on XP MCE. (it's pro disguised, without domains, which i don't use)
centy 9th January 2008, 16:48 Quote
Those two updates must be already included in XP Service Pack 3 RC1 (official) because all I got was the January Malicious Software removal tool. There where no high priority updates either.
MasterYoda34 9th January 2008, 21:30 Quote
If you don't want your computer to automatically restart you can disable the feature via the Group Policy Editor. Start>Run>gpedit.msc Then go to Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows Components>Windows Update. Then turn the policy that starts with "No Auto-Restart" to enabled.

Group policy editor isn't available on XP Home and maybe the basic versions of Vista.
DXR_13KE 10th January 2008, 15:03 Quote
i hate it when windows update re-starts my computer.... especially when i am doing work and leave it working while i go eat... and then i return to see that all my tabs, msn conversations and text are all closed...... grrrr...... *shakes fist at MS*
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