Nokia N95 gets YouTube support

Nokia N95 gets YouTube support

The N95: Suitable for YouTube thanks to Adobe Flash Lite 3.

Fans of the Nokia N95 smartphone – described by Nokia as “the definition of optimal performance” – and YouTube addicts will be pleased to hear that you can now take everyone's favourite video sharing site wherever you go.

The latest update to the Symbian software for the 'phone released by Nokia earlier this week improves the Series 60 browser built-in to the unit by adding Adobe Flash Lite 3 integration. Supposedly fully compatible with the desktop version of Flash, the upgrade allows previously broken sites that rely on Flash video to work properly on the smartphone.

Just visit the site, tap on a video, and enjoy. Tapping again on a playing FLV stream will switch to a full-screen landscape mode with a seek bar at the bottom.

It would probably be a good idea to use the WiFi mode when viewing YouTube clips, however: knowing how addicting viewing old videos can be, I can see people running up quite a bill in GPRS data charges otherwise.

The integration does not go so far as to map the N95s built-in media playback control keys to Flash content, but we can always hope for that in a future update. For now we'll just have to content ourselves with a slightly more stable browser with full Flash compatibility.

Users of the somewhat less popular E90 will be pleased to hear that they will also benefit from the upgrade, although Nokia has not announced Flash Lite integration with any other handsets at this time.

Tempted to give the update a try, or are you still chatting away on something a bit more simple? Let us know how you get on over in the forums.


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Aterius Gmork 4th January 2008, 15:16 Quote
Hey! I am actually using a Nokia 3310.
quack 4th January 2008, 15:27 Quote
They have only added Flash Lite 3 into the new v15 firmware for the N95-8GB (N95-2), YouTube is still not available on the N95-1 (as pictured above).

If you have an N95-1 (like me) you'll just have to wait, or download emTube which beats using the browser any day!
sbarts 4th January 2008, 15:30 Quote
The update is only for the 8Gb version at the moment. The standard N95 can play YouTube video but only with additional software.
quack 4th January 2008, 15:32 Quote
I just said that. ;)
Bauul 4th January 2008, 15:32 Quote
Don't diss the 3310! My girlfriend's sister still uses one.
DXR_13KE 4th January 2008, 16:39 Quote
the 3310 is one of the best mobile phones ever made.... there was a time were we had to put the phones on the black board when we had a test and from the 24 mobiles in exposition, 22 were 3310, 1 was a motorola and another a samsung (my samsung), it was a really cool and strange scenario.... the 3310 was robust, feature rich and cheap.... anyway i like it.
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