Halo Theme free download for Guitar Hero 3

Halo Theme free download for Guitar Hero 3

The new Halo theme is free to download on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Guitar Hero 3 has only been out for a little bit and already there's a new song out for it which is freely available. You might recognise it too - the Halo theme song.

We've already downloaded the song in the office and have each failed in turn to master it, but we'll get there soon enough. Tim never seems to put down the guitar nowadays.

The free track comes after the news that bands featured in the game have had greatly increased popularity, according to Ars Technica. Bands like Sonic Youth and The Strokes have had an enormous boost to their popularity in America as a result of being featured in the game.

Not everybody is happy about it though and just yesterday The Romantics launched a lawsuit against the developer and publisher of the game because the cover of their song was 'too similar'.

The new Halo song isn't incredibly fitting with the overall Guitar Hero 3 theme if you ask us, and there track can be a little tricky to master, but free stuff is always good.

Are you going to download the song and, if so, what did you think? Let us know in the forums.


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mikeuk2004 23rd November 2007, 18:10 Quote
Cool, ill have to download it
Tomm 24th November 2007, 17:16 Quote
there track can be a little tricky to master

Tut tut ;)
Arkanrais 24th November 2007, 22:35 Quote
doesnt look anywhere near as hard as the black widow of la porte
The_Beast 25th November 2007, 00:00 Quote
I can't wait till Christmas
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