Poll: What's your PC's storage capacity?

Poll: What's your PC's storage capacity?

How much storage do you have to satisfy your porn/music/movies/TV show cravings?

32MB. That's how big my very first HDD was and I didn't think that I was ever going to fill it up.

With today's programs, multimedia files, and random assortment of other documents however, you can fill up several gigabytes in a matter of minutes. Hard drives are coming in larger sizes and cost far less than they ever have, making storage space not so much a premium but more of an affordable and easy upgrade.

With many people showing off music collections that are greater than 100GB over in the forums, it brought up an interesting question.

Just how much storage space do you have in your computer? You can combine the amount of storage space from all of your computers for a grand total.

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Croc 15th September 2007, 06:50 Quote
I've got 4x400GB (soon to be raid 5) and a 74GB Raptor
Woodstock 15th September 2007, 06:56 Quote
470gb all up thou ive stolen space on mums pc, gonna order a 500gb soon
Mankz 15th September 2007, 07:05 Quote
400Gb on this one

(2x 400 GB Maxtors running in RAID 1)
oaso 15th September 2007, 07:06 Quote
320 GB + 40 GB + 13 GB
Breach 15th September 2007, 07:38 Quote
I have 2x 160s + a 250gb on my gaming rig. Then 3x250gb in a RAID 5 on my backup server, which is about 500gb usuable.
DougEdey 15th September 2007, 07:42 Quote
2x500 + 1x200 on my main rig
40GB on here
sk8ter646 15th September 2007, 08:11 Quote
:Dhehe 10 x 500gb drives and a 200gb boot in my server:D
then theres 3 300gbs in my gaming pc
3 200gbs in the work pc
a 500gb in each media centre of which there are 3
and 2 80gbs in the laptops

total of 8.36 tb hehe
oasked 15th September 2007, 08:12 Quote
Theoretically I have 320Gb + 200Gb + 80Gb + 80Gb = 680Gb on my main rig, but as you know that's actually less.
mannafig 15th September 2007, 08:26 Quote
At the minute I have in my rig 5x250gb HDD but this will be up for a major upgrade soon:D
HellRazor 15th September 2007, 08:32 Quote
My Desktop rig has 250+80+80.... and only 4 GB free...
though not for long, I think HL2:episode 2 is going to require I build a new gaming rig....
Mister_Tad 15th September 2007, 08:52 Quote
8x250 + 74GB in main rig
750 + 400 in the htpc
4x320 in the server
100 in a laptop
60 in tuther laptop
320 3.5" external
60 2.5" external

I voted 1-5TB, but just adding that lot up, it appears I've voted incorrectly :o

edit: actually, depends on whether we're talking TB or TiB
Aankhen 15th September 2007, 09:03 Quote
Desktop: 300 GB × 2 = 600 GB
Laptop: ~110 GB
External disks: 2 × 279 GB + 750 GB

Total: 600 + 110 + 558 + 750 = 2,018 GB

Oops. Looks like I don't fit in the 400 GB–1 TB category after all. :o
BioSniper 15th September 2007, 09:06 Quote
400 and something gigamabytes for me.
Sh0ckwave 15th September 2007, 09:10 Quote
At least 2TB spread over about 8 computers in the house.
fwalm 15th September 2007, 09:20 Quote
Hmm, I need more space, at the moment only got a 160gb in my computer which is practically gone while trying to save space plus my 250gb WD external which is full, getting 2 500gb hd's so at moment only got 390gb.
LinMan 15th September 2007, 09:25 Quote
At the moment only 60gb
Neoki 15th September 2007, 09:33 Quote
In my PC
250 x 3

In my Sisters



Laitainion 15th September 2007, 09:42 Quote
I've got 320gig in my main system (2x160 in RAID 0) plus 80gig in each of the family machines as well as a couple of spare 80gig SATA drives. Most of my storage though is in a file server, a 40gig for the OS plus 5x320gigs in RAID 3 (using the XFX revo thingyme).

That makes about 1.8TB not including the discs not in use, and the 320gig lost in a RAID 3.
woodshop 15th September 2007, 09:45 Quote
120GB in the MBP
80GB in the Tower.
also included the 500GB Lacie NAS drive in my total
Pimp Daddy 15th September 2007, 09:45 Quote
I've chosen the 100-400Gb option because although my tower has two 250Gb drives, they're configured for mirrored RAID.

My laptop (which I'm using at the moment) has an 80Gb HDD.
rowpie 15th September 2007, 09:49 Quote
1-5TB for me.

Main Rig: 2 x 150 GB Raptors

File Server: 6 x 250 GB WD (soon to be 8 in RAID 5)

Spare: 2 x 80 GB

Office 1 x 60 GB

Laptop 1 x 60 GB

Probably about another 100 GB in old my old systems in the loft. (Really need to do something with those)
HourBeforeDawn 15th September 2007, 10:15 Quote
my daily use rig has a little more than a Tera byte of storage, 750gb + 500gb + 250gb (bunch of crap on all drives lol).
my gaming rig has almost a Tera byte of storage, 750gb (music and lightly used games) and 150gb Raptor (OS and Heavy used games)
my HTPC rig has 4 Terabyte of storage, 4 Hitachi Tera Drives (Movies and Music), 1 74gb Raptor (OS and Applications)

I will be building a file server after I complete my two projects so that I can run my BTs and web design stuff off of it, it will have 2 Tera bytes.
bowmore 15th September 2007, 10:19 Quote
500 +250 internal seagates and just got a me a 250 Freeagent from seagate also ^^
TTmodder 15th September 2007, 10:20 Quote
1 500 gig external, 1 200 gig external and a 100 gig internl in my lappy :P
Edenalig 15th September 2007, 10:21 Quote
Alot of space is used for my photos, but I still have the usual stuff ;)
MCE PC 2 x 400Gb + 2 x 60Gb + 250Gb external
Media PC 2 x 80Gb + 4 x 120Gb + 60Gb
Laptop 1 x 60Gb
Lakeuk 15th September 2007, 10:22 Quote
Main PC has 980Gb consisting of:-

250Gb partitioned as 40Gb for OS/Programs and 210Gb for data files (video,photos,music,games)
160Gb recording live tv (SD+HD quality)
250Gb location for all the tv I've recorded but not managed to watch yet - BBCHD takes up alot of space, plus used for my video editing
320Gb External - was mainly another archive device for tv progs, photos before they got backed up to dvd, but also use it to backup my important files/emails with a simple dos script

Generally I'm ok with space, but xmas is abit touch and go

My old pc has a 80Gb and 40Gb harddisk plus I have various <10Gb disks lieing around to experiment with

plus in the loft I have an old Amstrad which has a hard disk with the grand total of 20Mb !!!
DarkReaper 15th September 2007, 10:25 Quote
2x250Gb in the only PC I've brought with me to student house.
Bogie 15th September 2007, 10:29 Quote
I got 3 x 500gb, 1 x 320gb, 1 x 150gb, so that equals 1970gb! Wow!
GRiDlock 15th September 2007, 10:32 Quote
2x 250Gb Maxtor's (Raid0) + 2x 500Gb Samsung's in the main PC
2x 160Gb Seagate's (Raid0) in the games PC (will soon be 4x 160Gb - Raid5)
2x 250Gb WD's in the Server
alextwo 15th September 2007, 10:33 Quote
5 x 320GB in RAID 5 + 200GB Linux only drive on my main PC
100GB Laptop + 160GB external drive.
roryok 15th September 2007, 10:34 Quote
Laptop has 120gb

Main Rig has 2x250 + 140, so 640GB overall.

And about 20GB free.... oh dear...

Interesting thing is, my main rig has an athlon64,a powered ATI x800XL,three HDs (and occasionally a fourth), and a DVD Drive, all running off a single 350W PSU, without problems!

I'm sure once I get my 8800 it'll be a different strory tho =/
bubsterboo 15th September 2007, 10:35 Quote
Roughly 1.7tb in 2 x 500s in raid0 and some misc hdds.
mulberrycrush 15th September 2007, 10:46 Quote
Main Drive 320Gb Sata II
Back up 400Gb Sata II

(just sold a 320Gb)
specofdust 15th September 2007, 10:47 Quote
Tim, are you after raw numbers e.g. 3x300 = 900GB, or real numbers in XP e.g. 3x300 = 837GB?
Blademrk 15th September 2007, 10:49 Quote
Main Rig
2x80Gb PATA
2x120Gb SATA
1x300Gb SATA

2nd Rig
2x10Gb PATA
1x120Gb SATA
mikeuk2004 15th September 2007, 10:50 Quote
Mine are

PC 3 x 120GB 1 x 80GB.
Laptop 80GB
Laptop 60 GB
Portable/External 1 x 40Gb & 1 x 320GB
PSP 1 x 4GB
Sony MP3 1 x 8GB
XBOX 360 1 x 20GB
Flash Pen 1 x 1GB
mikeuk2004 15th September 2007, 10:50 Quote
Originally Posted by specofdust
Tim, are you after raw numbers e.g. 3x300 = 900GB, or real numbers in XP e.g. 3x300 = 837GB?

oh dont go and confuse things :p
yakyb 15th September 2007, 10:53 Quote
at my desk right now 2TB but with my new machine coming shortly that will bump to 3tb with a reshuffle
radziecki 15th September 2007, 10:57 Quote
200GB + 160GB

When I think that my first HDD was 2 GB...
FvD 15th September 2007, 11:01 Quote
74GB ADFD Raptor
1x120GB Seagate P-ATA
2x200GB Seagate S-ATA
rounds to 553GiB on main
- soon to be upgraded, as those drives are pretty old, probably 2x500 or 2x750GB in Raid 1

120GB/111GiB Seagate P-ATA on my Pundit
80GB/74,5GiB WD Passport II
proxess 15th September 2007, 11:04 Quote
Look at the sig.
Also got some random disks thrown around like a 1gb disk, and a portable with 6gb.
Fophillips 15th September 2007, 11:07 Quote
80GB + 160GB in my desktop
10GB in my laptop
3x500GB not quite in my server yet
bloodcar 15th September 2007, 11:07 Quote
Originally Posted by specofdust
Tim, are you after raw numbers e.g. 3x300 = 900GB, or real numbers in XP e.g. 3x300 = 837GB?
Raw numbers are fine mate. No need to confuse a bunch of people. ;)
Silver Shamrock 15th September 2007, 11:08 Quote
I have 173gb free on my main drive (the one in my sig) and just over 22gb free on my 120gb maxtor.
identikit 15th September 2007, 11:14 Quote
If I include the SCSIs that aren't plugged into anything...too much storage.
[WP@]WOLVERINE 15th September 2007, 11:18 Quote
ive got 2,6TB spread over 12 drives if theres one thing you cant get too much of its storage space :)
StephenK 15th September 2007, 11:32 Quote
Main box has 320, Powerbook has 80 and i've a portable 20gb so just over 400 :)

Never really need that much storage space tbh
GiGo 15th September 2007, 11:38 Quote
Just added a couple more to my collection so it now stands at:

2x200GB Seagates
4x500GB Seagates (the new ones I picked up 2 weeks ago)
6x250GB Maxtors

so unformatted space is 3.9TB or 3900GB

Um... lots of space for music and stuff :D

specofdust 15th September 2007, 11:53 Quote
Originally Posted by mikeuk2004
oh dont go and confuse things :p

I'm not. I'm just asking for clarification. The two totals are vastly different numbers.

edit: Ah well, turns out I fit where I fit regardless of loss.
Veles 15th September 2007, 12:10 Quote
Almost 1TB now, a 150Gb raptor, a 320Gb 7200.10 and a 250Gb Caviar
DougEdey 15th September 2007, 12:12 Quote
You're 280GB off! Must try harder.
Phil Rhodes 15th September 2007, 12:18 Quote
Six 750s in a RAID-0, plus a boot disk.

Well, I am editing HD video here :)

zerolock 15th September 2007, 12:19 Quote
160 GB on my desktop + 250 GB on external hard drive
Eraflo 15th September 2007, 12:20 Quote
250+ 80+ 80+ 40+ 20+ 250+ random small boot drives

Soon to add a 500gb to the server though so over a TB :)
DougEdey 15th September 2007, 12:22 Quote
Originally Posted by Phil Rhodes
Six 750s in a RAID-0, plus a boot disk.

Well, I am editing HD video here :)


Ewwww, RAID-0!
specofdust 15th September 2007, 12:24 Quote
Originally Posted by DougEdey
Ewwww, RAID-0!

For someone editing HD video that's a perfect storage setup to have. Assuming he has backups of course.
DougEdey 15th September 2007, 12:28 Quote
Originally Posted by specofdust
For someone editing HD video that's a perfect storage setup to have. Assuming he has backups of course.

Well he hasn't counted any hard drive backup space ;)
bcuk 15th September 2007, 12:29 Quote
2 x 120GB Maxtors Raid
1 x 250Gb WD storage/downloads

adding a 500GB soon for images/movies/ever expanding music collection
specofdust 15th September 2007, 12:29 Quote
Originally Posted by DougEdey
Well he hasn't counted any hard drive backup space ;)

cyrilthefish 15th September 2007, 12:30 Quote
1.5TB on this PC (3x 500GB)
sat on top of the PC i have a 120, 160 and 200GB IDE drives from my old PC, which will be going into my server PC when i stop being lazy and actually move them there :P

server PC has 160GB (2x80GB)

laptop has 60GB

brother's PC has 160GB

parent's PC has 80GB

grand total nearly 2.5TB
wuyanxu 15th September 2007, 12:35 Quote
total or on my computer?

just bought a 500GB for my new build.

and have a 500GB external for backup, 250GB on my old computer with 30GB + 40GB on my very old computer. total: 1.3TB.

why would people need so much storage anyway? 500GB for games + a bit of video editing + music is more than enough.
MR BUNGLE 15th September 2007, 12:56 Quote
3x fecking noisy WD 80gb JB IDE drives here..
- 2 on a cheap and nasty IDE raid card.

Phil Rhodes 15th September 2007, 12:56 Quote
> For someone editing HD video that's a perfect storage setup to have. Assuming he has backups of course.

What I have is the EDLs and the ability to recapture it all from video tape.

Otherwise yes. Uncompressed 1080p requires quite silly amounts of space.

CraZy 15th September 2007, 13:08 Quote
80gb + 3x 120gb = 440gb :)
Soon to buy a 500gb external
Lex 15th September 2007, 13:09 Quote
naokaji 15th September 2007, 13:11 Quote
main computer = 2x 36 GB Raptors in raid 0 + 1x 400 GB (part of the 400 GB is a backup partition for the raptors though)
2nd computer = 1x 160 GB
3rd computer = 1x 750 GB (recently bought hdd and no where near full yet)
drift 15th September 2007, 13:11 Quote
Only 250Gb atm though once i get more money might some more 250Gb drives. Not sure about RAID yet...
Hells_Bliss 15th September 2007, 13:15 Quote
250gb x2 SATA drives + 320GB removable drive + 2GB thumbdrive + 2 60GB IDE drives = 942GB
casey_cole 15th September 2007, 14:08 Quote
I feel inadequte :p

200GB for OS + main storage
10GB for important backup files "just in case" as it's no good for anything else.

Ramble 15th September 2007, 14:12 Quote
A paltry 500GB.
I need more, far more.
Ryu_ookami 15th September 2007, 14:14 Quote
I have not got enough :( anyone got any hdds going cheap (mine tend to go whirl whirl bang crack rattle rattle screech....then silence forever)....... :)
wharrad 15th September 2007, 14:48 Quote
Oh good game :)

File Server
2 x 120GB
8 x 300GB (RAID 5)
1 x 300GB

Main Desktop
1 x 150GB (Raptor)
1 x 74GB (Raptor)
1 x 32GB (Raptor)

1 x 20GB
1 x 80GB

1 x 150GB (Raptor)

1 x 30GB

1 x 300GB

(Those are just the drives in use... forget dead laptops, ipods or computers in cupboards)
PhillyB 15th September 2007, 15:15 Quote
Ooh let me try.

Main - 2 x raptor 150's in R-0, considering upgrade to 15k sas scsi after seeing a workstation at work boot up with one.
Second - 1 x raptor 36, two 320 in R-0
Third - 1 x raptor 36, 120gb ide
Fourth - 120 gb
8 x 320 gb usb external (not all connected)
1 x 1TB networked mybook
two 120gb notebook externals

Considering another 1tb, or even the new 1.5 tb network mybooks, and converting it to R-1.
automagsrock 15th September 2007, 15:16 Quote
I have a 500gb storage drive and I just ordered a 74gb Raptor for windows. Soon to be getting another 500gb drive as well and RAID them.
IAmATeaf 15th September 2007, 15:18 Quote
1 500gb and 1 250gb Seagate drives for me.
mp3manager 15th September 2007, 15:26 Quote
About the 6 TB mark.

Got 5 TB in the HTPC...High-Def movies take up a *lot* of space and a modest 2 x 500Gb in this PC.

My first HD was 20MB, way back in the AMiGA days...had a A590 controller with a 20Mb Conner drive. :D
careyd 15th September 2007, 15:58 Quote
Wow, even I don't know (until I add below)...but it's a lot

Quad G5

Dual G4


Mac Mini
1500GB RAID (backups)

Athlon X2 4400+

P4 2.4

P4 2.53

P4 1.4

P4 2.6


Loose (archives/backups)
120GB WD
250GB (14 Maxtor + 8 Hitachi)=5500GB
300GB (2 Maxtor + 10 Seagate)=3600GB

Grand total
17025GB (17.025Terabytes)

Holy smokes! That shocks even me!


What if we include storage in other devices such as digital cameras, iPods, phones, USB sticks, etc? If so I'd have another 100GB or so.
Major 15th September 2007, 16:01 Quote
I have 3x 300GB in my machine, 40GB in the spare, and 2 laptops with 40GB HD's in. So that 1.2TB.
AClark 15th September 2007, 17:11 Quote
I have 1x 80gig and 1x20gig in this pc! WOoot yes!
Gravemind123 15th September 2007, 17:16 Quote
I have a 60GB external(used to be in secondary computer which isn't in use at the moment) and a 250GB for my main computer. Not a lot of storage compared to most of you, but I don't have a lot of video stored on my computer, so really the space is for games, music and pictures, and it's enough for that task.
dragontail 15th September 2007, 17:38 Quote
2x 250GB Sammys internally. 1x 400GB sammy in Icybox externally. Total = 0.9TB.
metarinka 15th September 2007, 17:51 Quote
73 gig raptor, +120 gig older wD for a grand tota of:

193 gigs

400gig HDD's are cheap though and I should upgrade as I'm slowly running out of space
knuck 15th September 2007, 17:54 Quote
37 (raptor)

Cheapskate 15th September 2007, 17:56 Quote
play rig: 40 gig for system/200 for storage
work rig: 150 gig system/300 storage

a half dozen pissant drives in other systems, and I burn through 100 cds a month.
TGH-odin 15th September 2007, 18:15 Quote
Main Computer: 250 GB
Secondary, HTPC/FoF PC: 80 GB
Laptop: 80GB

Makes about 410 GB, and i tihnk ill buy another 160 GB to my Secondary.
C-Sniper 15th September 2007, 18:20 Quote
i only have 120gb in this one and 160gb in my gaming rig :(
Faulk_Wulf 15th September 2007, 18:52 Quote
80gb on my desktop rig, 20 free.
30gb on my iPod, 15 free.

May I ask, what do you people use >1TB for?!

If I install every game I have, and even every game I want, and put all my music on my computer, I would still only be using I bet around 200gb.
Even if I ripped all my DVD's, assuming 2gb a DVD (Just the main feature) we'd only be talking about 114gb (57 feature films).
And hell, even if I ripped my 5 seasons of Buffy, season of Firefly, and 2 seasons of Meerkat Manor (Yeah, I know, don't ask) and assuming once again around 2gb a disk... It'd only be 300gb (22x5, 14, 12+13).
Still only at 614gb.
Let's add in my anime series. For sake of ease I'm going to assume they are all 26 episodes.
676gb more.

Bringing the total to 1,290gb.

And that would be putting every thing I have on there at the same time. Which I probably wouldn't do.
I think I would buy a 1TB drive just so I never have to by another one again.
(Guess I'd buy two, so I could back up the first one, just in case. )
Tulatin 15th September 2007, 18:54 Quote
Primary: 2x250 Boot, 2x500GB Stor [All Four are Singles]; 2x80 (Raid 0) Porn, 1x160 (Mirror Porn).
Personal Laptop: 120GB
School Laptop: 100GB
External: 40GB.

Not all too bad, considering some of you ******s ordering 500GB drives by the case :-p
cyrilthefish 15th September 2007, 19:32 Quote
Originally Posted by Faulk_Wulf
May I ask, what do you people use >1TB for?!
It's one of the laws of computing:

There is no such thing as too much storage space

dullonien 15th September 2007, 19:38 Quote
80GB OS Drive.
320GB Video (TV)
500GB Movies
200GB Music

Total = 1.1TB
thefriscokid 15th September 2007, 19:55 Quote
74 GB Raptor (Primary)
74 GB Raptor (Games)
500GB (ripped DVD Collection)
500GB (Music & Video)
ufk 15th September 2007, 19:58 Quote
an 80 and a 120 in this box, a 10 and 2x250 in my server
Tobbe Nukem 15th September 2007, 20:16 Quote
36GB Raptor (System)
74GB Raptor (Games)
400GB Samsung T133 (Mp3 & Motoring TV Shows/Clips)
400GB Samsung T133 (Applications, Documentaries, Download folder)
400GB Samsung T133 (Movies #1)
400GB Samsung T133 (Movies #2)
400GB Samsung T133 (TV Series #1)
400GB Samsung T133 (TV Series #2)
500GB Samsung T166 (Movies #3)

= ~3TB

Soon gonna need a new 500GB though... :(
completemadness 15th September 2007, 20:25 Quote
160gb x3 & 200gb on my games machine
40gb in my xbox, 200gb in my PS2
80, 2x 120, 2x 160, 300 & 500 in my fileserver
160gb and 300gb in my media center

so about 2.8tb
SanDmaN 15th September 2007, 20:49 Quote
Main Rig
320gb + 500gb x2 = 1320gb

250gb x2 = 500gb

old net rig
40gb x2 + 200gb = 280gb

1320 + 500 + 280 = 2.1tb
g_gimbert 15th September 2007, 20:56 Quote
Main rig - 200Gb
Server - 500Gb + 200Gb + 160Gb + 80Gb = 940Gb
Xbox - 200Gb
Bro's Comp - 320Gb + 80Gb = 400Gb

Total = 1740 Gb
sk8ter646 15th September 2007, 21:07 Quote
hmm i see many people are adding all the drives in there other pcs ive got to many to count so i wont try but ive probably got near on 30 tb in the house most of which is fun with loads of random junk
electroboy 15th September 2007, 21:11 Quote
System & Music 300G
Games 120G
Videos 400G
moshpit 15th September 2007, 21:13 Quote
My personal machine:
74Gb Raptor

Wife's rig:
36Gb Raptor

Spare rig:

Total = 1.1Tb on my home LAN, more to come :p
./^\.Ace./^\. 15th September 2007, 21:16 Quote
My PC has an Maxtor 80GB U-ATA and a Maxtor 160GB S-ATA...
Most likely replacing the 80GB with another S-ATA drive soon...
Hiren 15th September 2007, 21:18 Quote
250gb x 2 + 1x 34gb raptor = 536gb. Might start downsizing soon as it's total overkill for what I need.
RTT 15th September 2007, 21:41 Quote
4000 TB

of porn


(hentai porn)

Morphine-Kitty 15th September 2007, 21:44 Quote
20 gigabytes. :o
Almightyrastus 15th September 2007, 22:06 Quote
2x200 in RAID0 as main drive, 120 as long term storage and an 80 because I had a spare slot left over
z3rb 15th September 2007, 22:14 Quote
40 + 80 + 320 = 440
<A88> 15th September 2007, 22:23 Quote
Lols RTT.

100GB laptop, plus a 100GB 2.5" USB, 250GB 3.5" USB and a 60GB for good measure. Did have the latter two in my main system before I gave up on it.
Totals at 510GB.

Tulatin 15th September 2007, 22:27 Quote
Might I ask what most of you use as controller cards / cases? (especially captain 8x400 over there)
mrb_no1 15th September 2007, 23:37 Quote
150gig raptor + 2 x 300 PATA seagate and 2x320 SATA so nearly 1.5 TB, but will be changing the ~300's for 3 x 500gig seagates because they're soo damn cheap, just need a job first.
The_Beast 15th September 2007, 23:50 Quote
sammo1999 16th September 2007, 00:18 Quote
1x 160 GB
1x 250 GB
2x 320 GB
1X 500 GB

All Western Digital I might add...
Shark00n 16th September 2007, 00:19 Quote
2 x 500GB
2 x 160GB
1 x 74GB

Total of aprox 1400GB.
fathazza 16th September 2007, 00:44 Quote
just under 2TB
flacowboy 16th September 2007, 00:52 Quote
just a 110 gb laptop
The cheapskate 16th September 2007, 01:25 Quote
160 GIG. Its a lappy. balls to you.
250 gig external.

// thats it
boiled_elephant 16th September 2007, 02:00 Quote
Not even an external, just a 130Gb SATA and my old 37Gb IDE for archiving.
Muunsyr 16th September 2007, 02:49 Quote
Gamer: 2x150GB (raptors) + 160GB
Media: 40GB + 300GB
Plus various other random drives throughout the house not worth mentioning.
misterd 16th September 2007, 03:08 Quote
pc1 gamer 360gb seagate sata
pc2 tester 160gb wd + 160gb wd
pc3 wife 160gb wd
pc4 server 300gb seagate x 2 + 250gb wd x 3 + 200gb maxtor
pc5 shitbox 40gb maxtor x 3
pc6 laptop 80gb seagate

I'm sure theres more that are forgotten.
customh 16th September 2007, 03:33 Quote
In my ownership (which i will put into the poll) i have 200 in my main box (120 internal, 80 ext) and a 120 in the 2000+ box downstairs and some random 10 gigs about. Mom's comp has 250 internal and 250 external (which never gets used....).
wharrad 16th September 2007, 04:49 Quote
Originally Posted by Tulatin
Might I ask what most of you use as controller cards / cases? (especially captain 8x400 over there)

Highpoint Rocket RAID 2220 on a PCI-X slot in the Tyan server. It's not bad running all 8 drives in RAID 5... But it does chew through a fair few CPU cycles when they're under load.

The case is one of the Silverstone guys... I forget the model number. It's not the best with all 11 drives in the thing, soo many fans I've had to hide it on the otherside of the house. Hoping to get one of those double cubey lian-li efforts at some point to spread everything out a touch.
|V| 4 L k i 3 R 16th September 2007, 04:59 Quote
Main Desktop
-36Gb Raptor + 60GB + 300GB
MacBook Pro

Looking to upgrade the NAS to 4x750GB drives soon.
MortarHeadd 16th September 2007, 05:00 Quote
2 Lacie 1Tb Ethernet disks + ~6 150Gb disks in my main machine + 2 Tb in my primary server + 4 family computers with 200's + 3 Tb in my file/backup server + a few random uncounted drives in test/special purpose boxes = just a tad under 10 Tb.

yes, I know its totally overkill.
Joeymac 16th September 2007, 07:13 Quote
I thought I would be high end... it appears I'm average...
36+250+400 In PC
40+120 in second PC
320+400+500+750 in External drives
So 2.8TB or there abouts. Probably kickin around 3TB if I factor in various ipods, game consoles, old drives and laptop bits/bobs lying around.
I tend to fill up an external drive at a fairly consistent rate. Every time I've needed a new one the price tends to be around £100 and it's always been 1 step below the biggest drive of the time... I paid a little more for the 750 one though. 1TB one next.. this one should last a few months.. saying that it does only have 140GB space left on it, but I've not burned a load of stuff out to DVD's yet.
tranc3 16th September 2007, 07:22 Quote
40 in laptop
Hidden sun has: 60+20. adding more soon.
Nikumba 16th September 2007, 09:01 Quote
Originally Posted by RTT
4000 TB

of porn


(hentai porn)

Suerly you mean 4000Gb as 4000Tb would be 4Pb

Mister_Tad 16th September 2007, 09:45 Quote
No, he means 4PB, he's really into hentai
DougEdey 16th September 2007, 09:49 Quote
Originally Posted by Mister_Tad
No, he means 4PB, he's really into hentai

So that's where all the server hosting money goes
DonCorleone76 16th September 2007, 09:59 Quote
Originally Posted by Nikumba
Suerly you mean 4000Gb as 4000Tb would be 4Pb


I hope for his being that it is "only" 4Tb of porn, if not, Then please go to the doctor.

Main rig: 2*80Gb + 1*250Gb
Landisk: 1*320 Gb
Laptop: 1*80 Gb
Server: 8*36.4Gb (Hotswap u320 15k, raid 5) + 2*9.1Gb (Hotswap u320 15k, raid 0)
Folding_pc1: 1*40Gb
Folding_pc2: 1*80Gb

Total: ~1240Gb
nicotine 16th September 2007, 10:01 Quote
500 GB in the main, 500gb, 200gb, 40gb in server and another 100gb on the laptop.
neonplanet40 16th September 2007, 10:52 Quote
1.5 Tb :) And by the 26th of this month that will be 3.5TB
otispunkmeyer 16th September 2007, 12:43 Quote
160gb on the mbp + 160gb 2.5" external + 400gb 3.5" external

so all in, about 720gb + about 10gb in assorted USB sticks.
evox 16th September 2007, 16:15 Quote
Gaming PC: Seagate SATA2 400GB x 2
Second PC: Western Digital SATA1 160GB
completemadness 16th September 2007, 16:18 Quote
for my server i bought

It has 10x 5.25" bays, combine that with 3x

And you have the possibility for 12 HDD's cooled with a fan, and the case takes another 2
(note. all the 5.25" racks had a lip to hold the drives up, however that gets in the way of the 4in3 module, so i had to bend them out the way, also, the case is a bit heavy, especially loaded with that much stuff)
wharrad 16th September 2007, 16:21 Quote
Originally Posted by completemadness
for my server i bought

It has 10x 5.25" bays, combine that with 3x

And you have the possibility for 12 HDD's cooled with a fan, and the case takes another 2
(note. all the 5.25" racks had a lip to hold the drives up, however that gets in the way of the 4in3 module, so i had to bend them out the way, also, the case is a bit heavy, especially loaded with that much stuff)

Those 4in3 modules are a God send (well yeah, I could mod the server, but it's been drilled to fit fans so much it's getting scary)... Although have seen those 3in2 modules, which give more space in the end... but you're dropping from a 120 fan to an 80... so not sure on the cooling
Lazlow 16th September 2007, 16:28 Quote
2950GB in total, almost 3TB to hand. 2TB of that is within my fileserver though (1TB data, 1TB backup). Hoping to add another TB by the end of the year to mirror the backup.
Stievius 16th September 2007, 17:00 Quote
1x 36gb WD RAPTOR
1x 320GB WD
1x 160GB Seagate
1x 500GB Seagate

OtakuHawk 16th September 2007, 17:11 Quote
2x 250gb Hitachi Deskstars, sata. in the event that pigs fly, humans again walk on the moon, and I have money, I will be buying 2 of the 1TB models.

my sff only has 2 hdd slots.
Trekkie75 16th September 2007, 20:02 Quote
150GB Raptor X, 250GB WD SATA II plus 120GB Backup External Drive
Pie_uk 16th September 2007, 20:06 Quote
1x500 1x250

why cant i click on the smilies and they go into my post :( ?
careyd 16th September 2007, 21:29 Quote
Originally Posted by MortarHeadd
2 Lacie 1Tb Ethernet disks + ~6 150Gb disks in my main machine + 2 Tb in my primary server + 4 family computers with 200's + 3 Tb in my file/backup server + a few random uncounted drives in test/special purpose boxes = just a tad under 10 Tb.

yes, I know its totally overkill.

Is it? It's only overkill if you over-bought your storage and you aren't making good use of it. While I admit I was shocked to learn I have just over 17TB of storage (never added it all up until this thread), I have to say I only have a small margin of it as unused and 'available'.

The reason it's overkill to over-buy storage space is because it is CONSTANTLY getting denser, faster and cheaper. Only a fool would buy way more storage then he/she could use in a year or so. Having said that, I tend to buy storage about once a year for a big upgrade, and occasional additional smaller buys throughout the year.

I should make it clear, however, that the reason I use so much storage is that I do video post-production and graphics for a living and need to archive a lot of stuff. Therefore, all my expenditures are written off as business expenses.

Jokkocze 16th September 2007, 23:12 Quote
320+80+74 in my gaming rig and 5x250+1x400gb in my server.
pjwerdna 16th September 2007, 23:47 Quote
HTPC 40+250+400+200+200+250 = 1340GB (with room for another 8)
External drives 320+120+60 = 500GB
Laptop 80
Other PCs 40+40+120+80 = 280
Flash ~10G total (Does this count?)

Approx 2.2T most of it PATA

But I'm about to add a 500G SATA drive to the HTPC as it looks like one of the 200G ones is dying.
Morphine-Kitty 16th September 2007, 23:57 Quote
Originally Posted by careyd
...I have just over 17TB of storage...

Sweet jebus!

I wish I had such a big e-peen. :(
completemadness 17th September 2007, 03:20 Quote
Originally Posted by wharrad
Those 4in3 modules are a God send (well yeah, I could mod the server, but it's been drilled to fit fans so much it's getting scary)... Although have seen those 3in2 modules, which give more space in the end... but you're dropping from a 120 fan to an 80... so not sure on the cooling
i went with the 4in3 because of the 120mm fan, firstly, its more concentrated on the outside, where the most air will get past the disk
Secondly, you can fit faster/slower, louder/quieter fans with a 120mm

Still 12-14 HDD's is plenty enough for me :p
Crazyglue 17th September 2007, 04:54 Quote
I gots a media center with 2.5TB on it (full to capacity, couldn't put a single song on there if i wanted it), gaming comp 1 has 650GB, gaming comp 2 has 120GB. soooo like 3.25TB total :-O not including lappys haha
samuraiweasel 17th September 2007, 05:19 Quote
40gb ext
40gb e

Xir 17th September 2007, 08:32 Quote

200 in the main rig.
250 Ext (mainly for backup)
160 in the old rig (2x 80 in Raid)

Didn't count the old Harddrives lying about :D

So: whatfor? Mainly MP3 :( and ever increasing: Photo's, and about 100gb of installed games ;)
ellisd 17th September 2007, 08:53 Quote
2 x 80, 1 x 320 and 4 x 160 (JBOD) in main
1 x 500, 1x 320 and 5 x 250 (RAID5) in server
1 x 320, 1 x 300 and 4 x 200 sat in a drawer
Mother-Goose 17th September 2007, 09:17 Quote
1X 150gb raptor X, 2x 400gb sammy's - 500gb NAS
Risky 17th September 2007, 09:37 Quote
Um, beats me, lets see:

Laptop 160GB
Desktop 4*80Gb Raid 5(inc hotspare =160Gb)
Music Server 60Gb
Gutted Gaming rig (lost it's CPU!) 120Gb.
External eSATA backup 320GB.

I really must sort out a propper file server and stick it in the garage.
Zider 17th September 2007, 10:34 Quote
2x 500GB and a 200GB.. plus 80GB in the xbox.. quite a lot more than the 20MB Miniscribe that was in my A2000 once upon a time.. ;) Hello everyone btw, first post by me (yay). :D
inflatable 17th September 2007, 10:57 Quote
I have 520GB in total.. 320 in my PC, 200 in the server..
Redbeaver 17th September 2007, 14:46 Quote
so many people has a server for extra storage... neat!

i got 1rig only, currently sitting at 320x2 + 250x2 + 80x2 = ~1.2TB. 80x2 on RAID-0 for OS and program installs (i never manage to fill it), the rest is for "data" :D
ComputerKing 17th September 2007, 17:50 Quote
I have 300GB on my main and soon I it will be 600GB, in the future I plan on 10TB, No kidding in 2 years I will get 10TB :D

and some other harddisk not in use 2X120 and 80 and 40 and flash memory 4Gb / 2Gb /1Gb ;) not important
erwintwr 17th September 2007, 18:00 Quote
Welll.. I really dont have 17TB... yet :D

Two CM-stackers fully populated with 13HDD's each

Stacker 1 :
2 x500GB's

Stacker 2:
12x500GB's ( RAID 5)
1 x 300GB

Drawer;) : 2x300GB's

TOTAL : 11.2TB

current stuph on it :
movies : 1.4TB
Series : 3.5TB
Games : 0.4TB
music : 0.2TB
Total : 5.5TB

only bought the 12x500gb's like last month.. so give me some time to fill it up

....and no porn.. ..YET :D
Xenomorph 17th September 2007, 18:33 Quote
Main Rig
150Gb RaptorX
2 x 750Gb Seagate Baracuda's

2nd PC
300Gb 7200rpm WD Caviar SE

60Gb 7200rpm

NAS Terastation

Firewire/USB external stroage
200Gb 7200rpm WD Caviar SE (ICEYBOX)
250Gb Maxtor OneTouch

Thinking seriously at MS Home server, depending upon the limitation of h/disks (5 x sata + 1 x CD/DVD).
legoman666 17th September 2007, 21:17 Quote
In my main comp:
250gb x3
36gb x2 in raid 0(first raptors, need to be replaced sometime...)
80gb x2

In my file server:
120gb x3

In my other server:
9gb x4 in RAID 5

In my laptop:

In my htpc:

random other comp:

add it all up... 2198gb (actually less because of the way manufacturers report space, 2.05tb by my calculations)
RTT 17th September 2007, 21:50 Quote
Originally Posted by erwintwr

....and no porn.. ..YET :D

Firehed 17th September 2007, 22:09 Quote
Bit over a terabyte for me, most of which is in my fileserver. I'm hoping to move to the 2-3TB range sometime in the not-too-distant future, but I've got other priorities.
specofdust 17th September 2007, 22:11 Quote
Originally Posted by RTT

I think this image, is perhaps apt for this quote and the thread in general:
Techno-Dann 17th September 2007, 22:30 Quote
508 GB - a 500 in my desktop (of which only 400 is formatted), and 8 GB in the laptop.
8igdave 17th September 2007, 22:50 Quote
Ive never managed to fill 200gbs let alone 5TB... how much porn do you guys need!
Bungle 17th September 2007, 23:00 Quote
Originally Posted by 8igdave
Ive never managed to fill 200gbs let alone 5TB... how much porn do you guys need!
LOL yeah, 15 people with 5 terabytes or more. What you peeps doing? Backing up the Internet?:)
legoman666 17th September 2007, 23:04 Quote
Originally Posted by Bungle
LOL yeah, 15 people with 5 terabytes or more. What you peeps doing? Backing up the Internet?:)

it fills up very quickly when you deal with HD content. 1 movie means 15-40gb gone.
wharrad 17th September 2007, 23:16 Quote
Originally Posted by Bungle
LOL yeah, 15 people with 5 terabytes or more. What you peeps doing? Backing up the Internet?:)

Yeah, the RIAA clearly will think we're all evil pirates!!! ARRRR! But on a serious note, I backup my father's work stuff through a VPN and all the family photos... Just getting into photography takes up alot of space (or time if you want to delete all the bad pictures). The there's a copy of the CD collection... Finally, converting family VHS to DVD (and Divx) takes up alot of space during conversion when I like to keep everything uncompressed.

Then there's the daily backups of webservers, Tivo type stuff... ach, the list goes on and on and on and on and on and.......
gerle 18th September 2007, 05:06 Quote
Pre-format 500+500+400+160+160+120+120+74 and a 120 external.
jonathan_d 18th September 2007, 12:31 Quote
i have
2 x 200gbs in my pc
30gb in a laptop
and 80gb external usb
Supra55 18th September 2007, 13:20 Quote
Lets see...
The 2 linux drives 2x20gb
The 2 spare seagates 2x80gb
My current drive WD 160gb (I need RAID and more space :()
The laptop 40gb
And finally the new servers coming to me this X-mas
2x40gb (roughly) in each so an extra 160gb
Total: 560gb which still isn't enough for meh :(
Colossous 18th September 2007, 13:34 Quote
1x 150gb Raptor, 1x 36gb Raptor, 2x 500 Samsungs and a 160 Samsung over 2 pc's !
kenco_uk 18th September 2007, 15:09 Quote
2 x 400, 2 x 300. Hopefully replacing 2 x 300 and 1 x 400 for 2 x 500 soon :)
JrRRr 18th September 2007, 17:02 Quote
Hmm.. let's see.. ..I didn't get around to counting it all until now..

In my main rig: Seagate 320 GB SATA + Seagate 160 GB SATA + Seagate 80 PATA + WD MyBook Essential 250 GB
My Wife's pc: Seagate 80 GB PATA (that's more than plenty) :p
My new server: WD RE 160 GB SATA + two WD RE 320 GB SATA

That'll be (bringing up CALC.EXE) .... 1690 GB - Wohoo! I knew that it would be more than one TB but didn't know it be past one and a half!
mardukph 18th September 2007, 18:59 Quote
36 gb + 2x250gb + 40 gb =D
Farrukhmomin 19th September 2007, 06:15 Quote
120+80+80=200 enough for me because i write movies to dvd and keep hdd clean :)
Splynncryth 19th September 2007, 06:20 Quote
Main file dump system has 160+300+300+250=1010gig. Fear of loosing the data means I set up another system with 2 500s with the boot drive being a 74 gig drive. My daily worker system is my laptop with a 60gb driver and a USB 120GB drive to hold my work files. (It's a lot of source. It takes forever to scan with virus/malware scanners.) I have another external 80 gig drive and anotehr system with an 80 gig internal. So that's about 2.4TB. Actual usable is less since that's across multiple computers with their own OSes and such.
DarkOne42 20th September 2007, 15:51 Quote
File Server is about 2.06Tb in RAID 5 array (formatted) and about 600Gb of non RAID storage
Media PC is has 120Gb of storage in 2 x 60Gb 2.5" drives RAID 0
Main PC has 2 x 250Gb drives in RAID 0 - With 4 500Gb MyBooks as backup to my RAID array.
Laptop has 80Gb with another 80Gb External 2.5" drive.
I have another 3 x 300Gb old drives to mount in the file server...Maybe not.
So...All in all about 6.2Tb's and its about 70% full.
tk421 21st September 2007, 12:39 Quote
290GB total - in marketing terms.

main rig - 60+40
main laptop - 60
messing around laptop - 30
unused dual p3 linux box - 40
usb hdd - 60 (used to carry stuff between work & home mainly - like audio books. gotta do something between calls)
also have another 20bg 2.5" drive, in the top drawer that has the XP install for the spare laptop, so i can switch in case of disaster.
and a 30Gb usb drive at work, that stays there as i use it for imaging pc's and storing documentation backups.

this doesnt include the folder with about 100 dvd's of backups either.
Kasvain 30th September 2007, 07:24 Quote
Laptop: 120 SATA
Main rig: 40 + 160 PATA
HTPC: 6 + 2x 80 PATA RAID-0
Server 1: 8 PATA
Server 2: 17 PATA
Server 3: 3x 9 ULTRA2-SCSI
peterh 30th September 2007, 08:42 Quote
Dell XPS Laptop = 160gb
External USB = 120gb
Main Computer = 2 x 500gb raid0 = 1tb
MrC 30th September 2007, 16:00 Quote

1836gb :)
jhanlon303 1st October 2007, 02:18 Quote
My turn. 15 Maxtor 250's in three 1TB Raid 5 arrays. Actually 14 now, 1 pooped the bed and I reformatted the remaining 250's as single drives(PITA). Linux toolchains, my wife's pictures for her eBay store, every CD I ever owned into MP3s, most of the DVDs I purchased backed up, serious PVR HD movie collection. Stuff accumulates.
MacMan-Mini 1st October 2007, 15:59 Quote
there was Osborne and KayPRO, IBM PC was still a year away. My KayPRO running the CP/M operating system had a five (5) MB hard drive as a $5,000 USD option. But since I spent $5,000 USD to get the unit and an impact printer (Diablo 630, could punch through nine part carbons at 10 CPS!) I decided to wait.

Now my home Linux server has 4.1 TB of storage and my Mac Mini has just under 1 TB of storage. We have saved every file from 1987 forward. Both in original file format (SideKick, WordStar, QA Write, WordPerfect, MS Word and OpenOffice) and now converted to Open Standards XML.

The largest user of space is video files. Home movies from the '60-70s on Super8 converted, VHS from the '80-90s converted and more stuff from iTunes than I can count.

There is no longer any Microsoft anything running in our home. It's either Linux or Mac on Unix. We haven't had a virus problem in over two years.

RedDethX 15th October 2007, 19:23 Quote
250GB /cheer!
haggisathome 16th October 2007, 00:13 Quote
2 x 120 (ata) 2 x 360 (sata) 1 x 250 (sata) = 1210 tb
Burnout21 16th October 2007, 01:55 Quote
well iv got 2x maxtor 160GB SATA and 1x IBM 160GB IDE soon to be on a IDE to SATA convertor..

60GB in laptop and 80GB in my backup machine.

total 620GB

maybe soon to order in the future a pair of HDD maybe 500GB drives as they got a good price. i doudt i will ever need a full 1TB, but what the hell!

SSD's are way to pricey to even take an interest in them!
ThePresident 23rd November 2007, 18:38 Quote
2 250 GB Seagates = 500 GB in desktop

80 GB? In laptop
mm vr 24th November 2007, 10:12 Quote
I have 120Gb only... But I'm going to buy a new computer soon.
kenco_uk 24th November 2007, 10:25 Quote
peterh 24th November 2007, 12:40 Quote
1tb in my main desktop
500gb Firewire drive
120gb Portable Firewire drive
160gb Laptop

1.78tb total
Fishlock 24th November 2007, 12:44 Quote
My PC:
150gb raptor
250gb Seagate

500gb x2 (unsure of brand)

250gb IBM
150gb raptor

Other PC's equate to around 800gb, so that's roughly 2.6tb in the house altogether, although this PC only has 400gb...

MiLwOrkZ 11th December 2007, 00:59 Quote
Wood Computer:

WD 500 GB
WD 1 TB x2 raid
Seagate 120
Maxtor 160
WD 150 GB Raptor (Solo :( its partner fried)

Which Brings me to a grand total of 2.9 Terabytes. System is @ 76% full. Video Editing takes quite the chunk of HDD's.

BTW the WD 1 TB x2 Raid, run extremely cool and are not excessively loud as I presumed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
icutebluezone 16th December 2007, 23:59 Quote
Running 2x WD 80gb ide hdds 4x WD 80gb sata hdds and soon to have a 3rd WD hdd 500gb
Brett89 17th December 2007, 00:42 Quote
Dizman 17th December 2007, 21:39 Quote
80 in my macbook, and a 500 gig external. I used to have 2x80 in my pc, but they both died.
Smilodon 17th December 2007, 22:03 Quote
stationary/network storage: 320+200+120+40+(18x6-1 - RAID 5)
Portable storage: 500(USB)+120+80+80+80+80+80+80+80+60

Total: About 1,9TB

I also have 250GB in the mail. (smallest disk i could find...)
knuck 17th December 2007, 22:29 Quote
not sure if I replied to this before ...

main PC : 37gb , 80gb, 80gb, 80gb, 120gb
laptop : 80gb
1gb corsair voyager
2gb kingston something

i also have a 250gb i use for a class on ActiveDiretory
Muffins17 17th December 2007, 23:01 Quote
2 x 500GB RAID 0

Technically not yet, but christmas is soon.

8 DAYS!!!

I'm as excited as a policeman in a... this is going nowhere
proweb 17th December 2007, 23:36 Quote

Main system = 2 x 750gb
Secondary system = 2 x 750gb
File Server = 4 x 500gb
Music server = 2 x 750gb + 500gb
Picture/ video server = 3 x 750gb

Thats just my systems and don't count the other 4 systems in the house.
Soon to add 2 HP NetServers with 6 x 500 each.
SPQQKY 18th December 2007, 02:43 Quote
2 x 300GB SATA internal and 1 x Lacie 1TB Bigger Disk. But really, one 300GB is for the OS's, so it cannot be considered storage.

Muffins17, I would say you have 0 storage. Two HDD's in RAID 0 spells trouble. If one goes out, you have nothing. I would only set one up for the OS (OS's) and one for storage. It would be a shame if you couldn't recover any data if the RAID or one of your drives fails.
Hazardous 18th December 2007, 12:10 Quote
Originally Posted by SPQQKY

Two HDD's in RAID 0 spells trouble. If one goes out, you have nothing.

Whilst RAID 0 offers very little advantage to the average home user now - given the speed of today's drives...
it only really "spells trouble" (IMO), if you don't have a proper backup solution in place as well ;)

And if 'push came to shove', there are also data recovery programs which support RAID setups.
But even the best of them don't guarantee to recover everything of course, so up-to-date backups are vitally important, if you're running RAID 0
Muffins17 18th December 2007, 19:14 Quote
Originally Posted by SPQQKY
2 x 300GB SATA internal and 1 x Lacie 1TB Bigger Disk. But really, one 300GB is for the OS's, so it cannot be considered storage.

Muffins17, I would say you have 0 storage. Two HDD's in RAID 0 spells trouble. If one goes out, you have nothing. I would only set one up for the OS (OS's) and one for storage. It would be a shame if you couldn't recover any data if the RAID or one of your drives fails.

Yer, i'm thinking of going just JBOD now, as i've heard much the same from other people, but that's annoying to me as i want 3 partitions which wouldn't scale well over two drives, oh well time for number 3 i guess ;)

Cheers, Neil
Gooey_GUI 19th December 2007, 21:23 Quote
No, wait!

I forgot to count all my floppies.

Commodore 64 21st January 2008, 14:33 Quote
My PC - 500 + 250 +160 =910 gb
Father's PC - only 60 gb
Father's laptop - 120 +500 + 60 external = 680 gb

Total: ~ 1.6 TB

+ have broken 30 gb IMB hdd :D
venom4728a 14th May 2008, 17:59 Quote
I have;
4 @ 500gb 3.5in hdd Externals
2 @ 1TB 3.5in hdd Externals
3 @ 160gb 2.5in hdd externals
2 @ 250gb 2.5in hdd Externals
2 @ 250gb 2.5in Internals(laptops)
1 @ 500gb 3.5in Internal (Home PC)
Jipa 14th May 2008, 18:51 Quote
This much: |---------------|

Oreon_237 14th May 2008, 22:36 Quote
2TB of external
1TB in my main computer
20GB on my random computer
Aterius Gmork 14th May 2008, 22:39 Quote
Where to put down my 540mb HDD...
kenco_uk 14th May 2008, 23:44 Quote

Main rig
2 x 750GB, 2 x 500GB,

NAS and esata 3.5" drive
2 x 400GB,

To sell
2 x 300GB,

Laptop and external 2.5 sata drive
2 x 320GB,

External 2.5 ide drives
1 x 60GB, 1 x 40GB

Just over 4TB, excluding the 2 x 300's.
notatoad 15th May 2008, 00:17 Quote
main rig: 320
fileserver: 120+120+320+500+500+500
other assorted external drives and flash drives: ~150

in the interest of avoiding math, lets call that 2.5TB
PhenomRed 15th May 2008, 01:59 Quote
as in my sig, my 3 pcs have 1140GB. plus dads pc, 40gb, mums laptop, 80gb and the external hdd, 160gb
tommythetim 16th May 2008, 19:44 Quote
My Rig-
1 x Samsung Spinpoint 500gb
1 x Hitachi 250gb
1 x Seagate 200gb

1 x Lacie 100gb pocket HD
1 x homemade 200gb ext
1 x 80gb spare
2 x 40gb spare
The_Beast 18th May 2008, 04:25 Quote
My new computer adds 320Gb to the 60Gb I had before
lamboman 18th May 2008, 17:19 Quote
I have a 500Gig Seagate 7200.10, and a 80 GB 7200.7 IDE.
sotu1 19th May 2008, 17:45 Quote
ok...what the hell do you use all that storage for?! do you all really have that much pr0n?! i fail to believe you have that much in music and videos! legal or illegal!
neonplanet40 19th May 2008, 17:47 Quote
in my server i now have 4TB :D 3TB used
modgodtanvir 19th May 2008, 17:48 Quote
250GB x 2 in my main rig

80GB in my sister's

160GB in a caddy

~60GB lying around
Farmboy UK 19th May 2008, 19:14 Quote

250 + 500 + 500

1.25TB (I need RAID)
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