Sony admits to Microvault rootkit problem

Sony admits to Microvault rootkit problem

Sony messes up and then fesses up...again.

Last week, we told you about Sony's latest fiasco with rootkits. The issue at hand was concerning the fact that the company's Microvault USB thumb drives used a rootkit type of method to hide the fingerprint identification files that kept your important data securely locked up. Well, now the company is admitting that that method probably wasn't the best idea in the world.

Sony is currently conducting an internal investigation into the matter and a fix should be available later this month. In the meantime however, blame is being pointed to a third-party, unnamed, software developer that developed the application to securely store the fingerprint information.

"While relatively small numbers of these models were sold, we are taking the matter seriously and conducting an internal investigation. No customers have reported problems related to (this) situation to date," a Sony spokesperson said.

And they're right. Only a small margin of people are affected by this and the Microvault has been discontinued but that doesn't help to take some of the tarnish off of the Sony image. The first time this happened, it caused a major stir in the community that resulted in lawsuits and recalls.

This one hasn't caused as big of a stir, but it still adds fuel to the anti-Sony fire. Keep in mind that this was done with good intentions, although it is highly unlikely that it was the best method in doing so.

Where does Sony stand with you? Tell us your thoughts on this whole debacle over in the forums or in the comments section below.


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Sparrowhawk 4th September 2007, 07:34 Quote
Sony anymore is like a weird comedy of errors. Almost amusing to see them blunder and shoot themselves in the foot like this.
2JSC 4th September 2007, 08:11 Quote
Its not like M$ hasn't screwed up a few things over the past year.
flabber 4th September 2007, 08:25 Quote
Both Microsoft and Sony have been messing up a lot lately, from Red ring of Death, cooling problems and DVD-scratching at Microsoft, till pricing of the PS3, 2 rootkit-problems and a few other errors at Sony's corner.

It really is too bad, because in case of the consoles, they both have something good about them (although I favor the PS3 over the 360, but that's a personal perference). I hope both companies sort out their problems really quick, because it isn't making them look better.
DXR_13KE 4th September 2007, 12:36 Quote
Originally Posted by flabber
I hope both companies sort out their problems really quick, because it isn't making them look better.

i agree
sinizterguy 4th September 2007, 14:14 Quote
All big companies will make certain amount of mistakes. But that is not an excuse for doing the same thing twice.
MilkMan5 4th September 2007, 17:18 Quote
The problem is that big companies are under a lot of pressure to release products.
Unfortunately due to target pricing and release dates, companies start to take shortcuts.

This is when things start to go wrong! :'(
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