July Mod of the Month

July Mod of the Month

It's time for the next Mod of the Month, this time sponsored by AC Ryan and Sapphire!

Well, the first Mod of the Month competition has gone off without a hitch. For everyone who hasn't had a chance to congratulate our winner thechoozen for his Tikki Aquarium mod, make sure you do over in his worklog!

Of course, now that we're done with June, it's onto July - and we have another great set of prizes available for you to win! This month's contest is sponsored by:

We've got help again (as every month) from the awesome guys over at AC Ryan, with a new mix of things to add to the pile for your modding pleasure. With its wide mix of ProModding and ProData products, you never quite know exactly what will be in the prize box this month - but it's guaranteed to be something useful and good!

The month's hardware sponsor for July is Sapphire, which has ponied up something really fantastic - a limited edition board that is a Home Theatre PC dream machine. This white-PCB marvel is an AM2 socket with the new 690G chipset, which makes for a pretty great little package. Why? The (rather feature-filled) integrated video sports full HDMI 1.3 connectivity.

We've included some pictures of the board below to get your interest - but save yourself the trouble of looking for it in retail markets. The board is such a limited edition that we haven't found anywhere that you can buy it. It will truly be a one-of-a-kind prize!

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Discuss in the forums Reply
Hiren 16th July 2007, 11:23 Quote
Well done to the winner, awesome mod. ;)
DXR_13KE 16th July 2007, 11:30 Quote
awesome mod and awesome board.
Delphium 16th July 2007, 12:55 Quote
Congrats! Well deserved, nice mod! ;)
The_Beast 16th July 2007, 15:22 Quote
That is a great worklog

I've been following it from the start
fivecheebs 16th July 2007, 16:16 Quote
FWIW, The "discuss in forums" link is broken ;)

[edit]Just read the log. Nice job, congrats[/edit]
Tyinsar 16th July 2007, 17:45 Quote

Also: Nice looking board - I like features and the white colour ;)
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