AC Ryan updates Radgrillz

AC Ryan updates Radgrillz

Ooooh, purrdy... AC Ryan's new Radgrillz will be UV acrylic. About time!

We normally don't put new product announcements on our front page - after all, that's what the Industry Bulletins in our forums is for. However, once in a while you get exclusive information on something that really does belong up here because of its general popularity - like the new Radgrillz from AC Ryan.

Radgrillz have been around for a while, but many of our modders make some pretty heavy use of them. However, they have (until now) only been made in aluminum, so they didn't always fit into every mod. Sometimes an industrious modder would make a back-piece out of acrylic but the option for an all-acrylic model just wasn't there unless you wanted to carve it yourself.

The new Radgrillz will come in 1x120, 2x120 and 3x120 sizes in both UV Blue and UV Green. According to our contact in the company, other colors aren't planned just yet (which is a bit of a disappointment to us, actually). However, we'll hopefully be able to talk them into red and clear soon enough. The prices will be as follows:
  • 1x120 - € 7.90
  • 2x120 - € 10.90
  • 3x120 - € 15.90
The good news is, they won't be breaking the bank like this. So if you have a need for some acrylic grills for your upcoming mod, you may want to hold off until these are on sale - they'll be popping up on the website within the next month. In the meantime, why don't you tell them what else you might find useful in our forums.


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Spacecowboy92 24th May 2007, 17:10 Quote
They look pretty sweet
capnPedro 24th May 2007, 17:20 Quote
Damn nice. Only problem I see is that typically, a grill can cover a fairly ragged hole. However, being translucent, you'll need to make a neat cut.

OK, that's the only criticism I have, because I think they're great!
UNPLUGGED 24th May 2007, 17:22 Quote
Anyone know if these will fit with a Watercool HTF3 Triple 120 std?
teamtd11 24th May 2007, 17:39 Quote
Ohhhh! Perfect for my new tripple rad cooled by 3X black/Blue Backfire4 fans (that should arrive soon hopefuly )
rowin4kicks 24th May 2007, 18:11 Quote
wow those look great, any one know if they plan to release any clear acryl or uv blue clear ones yet?
antiHero 24th May 2007, 18:17 Quote
Red ones would be nice. But they look pretty good!
Bauul 24th May 2007, 18:47 Quote
Ooh, they don't half look pretty, all shiny and nice. You'd think it wouldn't be all that much of a production change to produce other colours, lets hope they start production soon!
Constructacon 25th May 2007, 03:01 Quote
Are they identical to the aluminium ones (ie do they work similar to the backing plates mentioned in the article)? Very sweet looking kit though.

@capnPedro: I suppose you could paint the back of it black (or whatever colour) around the edge to give that concealing ability.
The_Beast 25th May 2007, 03:05 Quote
now those are some good looking grills
Lian Li Lover 25th May 2007, 11:15 Quote
They should make some clear ones with led holes so you can light them up in whatever colour(s) you want.
AC Ryan 25th May 2007, 11:31 Quote
Hey guys, thanks for all comments so far! Yeah, we are definately reading along :)

First of all, why only 2 colors? Well, for starters, these are the hottest looking colors in our spectrum B)
Aside from that, take UV-Red, the most logical next color. This is basically impossible to carry out properly. See, UV-red acrylic may light up correctly (deep red) but in daylight -when most of us are asleep- i'll be bright orange or pink. We carried this out before and were not fully satisfied with this effect.

As for other colors, we will see how these go first. Not ending up having to cover all walls with grillz (hmm that would be kinda awesome though ).

Oh yeah, another thing on the designs. You can be sure to expect some crazy mindboggling designs in time. Thinking 3x120mm HEX ...

Till next time, take care guys!

AC Ryan Team
Mankz 25th May 2007, 11:34 Quote
Wow. Nice enough to even come on a post here.

That shows some dedication...! :D
Mr. Oizo 25th May 2007, 13:33 Quote
Finally theyre coming!

(One little fault in the article: There are not only Aluminium one, but also RVS;))

Nice article. Cool radgrillz. Only, wait for red and clear.... and others:P
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