Phobya Case Design Competition - Final Voting Round

Phobya Case Design Competition - Final voting round

The time has come for you to pick the winner of Phobya's water-cooled case design competition. The competition began five months ago in November, and a total of 32 individual designs were submitted in stage one. These were gradually whittled down, with the bit-tech modding community voting for the best from several stages.

We're now down to four projects. Unfortunately, due to the length of time it takes to design a project such as this, and the fact that life has a habit of getting in the way, some projects have progressed more than others. However, we're sure you all have a favourite design you've been following, so pledge your support to the project that you think would make the best case for water-cooling.

The contenders are:

The winner will get their case made by Phobya and will receive their own sample, kitted out with water-cooling hardware. The winner will also get to name the case, while having the pride of seeing their design put into production.

The designers have had to consider many factors, such as the features you would expect from any case, as well as compatibility and flexibility with modern water-cooling hardware, particularly support for multiple large radiators.

There's just one vote per person, so make sure you read the next few pages, which are dedicated to each of the remaining four projects, to see which design you think deserves to win. When you've decided, head to the forums to cast your vote.