Orac³ Part 5

Final Words...

I've think I've said enough, so I'll keep it short.

I started planning the project over a year ago and in total its taken around 7 months of actual modding-time, on and off, with bursts of a few weeks af solid work followed by sometimes months at a time where I wasn't able to work on the project. I was surprised at the level of interest I got when I first posted Orac³ in the bit-tech forums and I believe it is the encouragement and enthusiasm shown towards the project by a great many people that has inspired me to raise my standards, try more ambitious things and ultimately to get it finished. Being my first project, I have treated it all as an exercise in modding and a chance to build up my skills, acquire tools and soak up some practical experience. I am grateful to everyone who has posted in any of the project or article threads and hope you got something out of following Orac³ - and if you want to discuss this final installment, click through Here.

I want to thank Henry from Matrix Orbital for the great VFD, Pug from Wizard Designs for supplying the pump cover and giving me loads of good advice. My deepest thanks go to the bit-tech team for all their great support and encouragement, my wife Rebecca (aka Mrs Gnome) for putting up with such an eccentric husband
and to macroman, whose work originally inspired me to have a go at modding.

I look forward to future projects...


Peter Dickison


Orac³ Part 5 Final Words
Orac³ Part 5 Final Words

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