Gelid GX-7 Performance Analysis and Conclusion


Despite all this heatpipe cleverness, the GX-7 couldn't pull out a lead over the Tranquillo on our LGA1155 test system. Both coolers returned a delta T of 44°C. This is a poor result for the GX-7; at £40, it's £15 more expensive than the Tranquillo.

Its extra heatpipes made a difference when it came to our AMD system, though, as the GX-7 cooled our test chip to a delta T of 56°C; this is miles better than the Tranquillo, which failed this test and as a result doesn't appear in the AM3+ graph. It was also better than the Be Quiet! Dark Rock Advanced, albeit only by 1°C. This result lends weight to our belief that heatpipe count is particularly important when cooling AMD's latest processors.

Gelid GX-7 Review Gelid GX-7 Performance Analysis and Conclusion
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While the Gelid GX-7 proved competent on an AMD system it was still a fair way behind the cheaper Thermolab Trinity. This, coupled with an LGA1155 performance on par with far cheaper coolers, means that there's little reason to pay any extra cash for it.

LGA1155 Score

Gelid GX-7 Review Gelid GX-7 Performance Analysis and Conclusion

Socket AM3+ Score
  • Cooling
    29 / 40
  • Design
    24 / 30
  • Value
    24 / 30

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Overall 77%

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