What's the best supersize case fan?

Index 3: Airflow to Noise

The title of this page is a simplification - what we actually measured was airflow (in cubic feet per minute, cfm) and sound pressure (in dBA).

This is the most useful way to gauge how efficient a fan is at moving air, but you might also want to consider how loud that fan is and how much air the fan can push in the first place.

The 120mm Scythe Gentle Typhoon and Sharkoon Silent Eagle 1000 have been included for reference as they're our favourite 120mm fans. Please read how we tested to see how we generated these results and what they mean.

Airflow vs Sound Pressure

(cfm to dBA)

  • Antec Big Boy 200 (200mm, max speed)
  • Scythe Gentle Typhoon D1225C12B4AP-14 (120mm)
  • Yate Loon D22BL-12H (220mm)
  • Yate Loon D22SL-12H (220mm)
  • Sharkoon Silent Eagle 1000 (120mm)
  • Antec Big Boy 200 (200mm, medium speed)
  • Akasa AK-F2230SM-CB
  • ichbinleise 225mm/800rpm (225mm, max speed)
  • Antec Big Boy 200 (200mm, min speed)
  • Akasa AK-F1825SM-CB (180mm)
  • ichbinleise 225mm/800rpm (225mm, min speed)
  • 3.2
  • 2.1
  • 2.1
  • 1.9
  • 1.7
  • 1.6
  • 1.5
  • 1.3
  • 0.3
  • 0.3
  • 0.0
cfm to dBA (higher is better)

NOTE: The ichbinleise fan refused to spin at minimum speed, therefore it scores 0.

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