Wave Master by CoolerMaster

What is it?: All aluminium case
Product Name: Wave Master TAC-T01
Manufacturer: Cooler Master
Retailer: KustomPCs
Price: £130
Availability: Now
Verdict: Superb quality case at a reasonable price.
The Wave Master from Cooler Master is something of a strange animal. It is a true full blooded aluminium case with lots of sexy curves but with an automotive paint finish. It is available in a choice of colours comprising silver, black, blue or yellow. As usual for high end cases no power supply is included. The blue version that we have here is a "Limited Edition" but just <i>how</i> limited is difficult to assess since they appear to be readily available from many sources.

Wave Master by CoolerMaster Specification

Wave Master by CoolerMaster Specification

Let's get hands-on with the Wave Master...