Intel Thermal Solution RTS2011LC Cooling Performance

Testing and Results

We measure the CPU temperature of our test rigs when the CPU is idle (Windows desktop) and under load (by running the smallfft test in Prime95). We use the freeware application CoreTemp to measure the temperature of the Intel CPUs, which reads the data from the DTS (digital thermal sensor) embedded in the core of every modern CPU. The DTS gives a far more accurate reading than any third-party temperature sensor, because its readings are not affected by sloppy BIOS programming or a poorly calibrated external health monitoring chip on the motherboard.

Because we don't have a temperature control chamber, it's more accurate to measure and quote the delta T (difference) between the ambient and CPU temperature. This means HSFs (heatsinks and fans) that were tested on different days, when the ambient temperature may have varied, can be fairly compared to one another. You'll find the temperature results for the reference HSFs in the graphs. We normally compare the results of each cooler to the reference cooler.

However for the Socket AM3+ and LGA2011 systems, we didn't have the reference coolers for these at time of testing so the cooling scores are compared against other coolers rather than how much better the cooler was than the reference cooler.
  • Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition overclocked to 4.3GHz
    using a vcore of1.285V
The test rig is built inside a SilverStone PS03 midi-tower case and includes an Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT graphics card. The temperatures shown are the delta T between ambient and CPU temperature.

Intel LGA2011 CPU delta T

Arranged by 100 per cent CPU load delta T value

  • Corsair H100 full speed
  • Corsair H100 medium speed
  • Corsair H80 full speed
  • Corsair H80 medium speed
  • Corsair H100 low speed
  • Thermaltake Frio Advanced
  • Intel Thermal Solution RTS2011LC
  • Corsair H80 low speed
  • Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro (with LGA2011 mount kit)
    • 12
    • 46
    • 12
    • 47
    • 14
    • 51
    • 14
    • 52
    • 13
    • 52
    • 14
    • 53
    • 14
    • 57
    • 14
    • 59
    • 16
    • 62
Delta T (°C) (lower is better)
  • idle
  • Load