Zalman TNN 300 fanless case

Zalman TNN 300 fanless heatpipe case review

'...the TNN 300 is the ultimate answer to every computer user's dream of creating a silent computing environment with total system stability' - Zalman's introduction to their latest release in the fight against computer noise might be a little strong, but it's not far off the mark. This is a something very special.


Zalman TNN 300 fanless case Introduction Zalman TNN 300 fanless heatpipe case
If you're after a quiet life then QuietPC are the company to turn to, in the computing department at least, and for a little over five hundred pounds of your hard earned they'll deliver you the biggest, heaviest, µATX form factor case we've ever seen here at bit-tech. 15Kg give or take and as big as most standard ATX cases (33x23x47cm) but don't be deceived by these statistics, this is truly an awesome case, we'll show you why...