World of Tanks Developer Interview

World of Tanks Developer Interview

A couple of weeks ago we asked you, the readers of bit-tech and bit-gamer, if you had any questions for the developers of the MMO, World of Tanks., the developer of World of Tanks, has now answered your questions (it took a while to have them translated from English to Russian and back again), so keep reading to find out more. As originally promised, the bit-tech/bit-gamer readers who asked the five best questions all get to win a copy of World of Tanks, plus one lucky reader also gets an additional surprise prize; a World of Tanks-branded USB memory stick.

Anyway, without further do, let's get onto your questions.

Jake123456: Can we expect any surprises in the final release? If there are any surprises we are preparing for the release, we won’t tell you about them; otherwise they won’t be surprises any more =). It’s like saying: 'Hey sonny, I’m gonna buy you an iPod for your birthday!'

*World of Tanks Developer Interview World of Tanks Developer Interview
The iconic German Tiger tank in all its glory

Jake123456: Did you think the beta was going to be this successful? We were hoping that, with this all-new concept for the whole MMO market, World of Tanks would gather a fairly decent audience, with its core consisting mostly of armour fans and history buffs. But, boy oh boy, were we surprised when we looked at the statistics of our community growth. In Russia, the game exceeded all our expectations in terms of audience - by the time of its commercial release, the overall number of players and PCCU values were dozens of times more than we thought that would had been. We're glad World of Tanks gained this kind of popularity, but I must say that we never thought it would be that hugely popular.

R-John, pimonserry and Blue19452: Are beta players going to get any bonuses in the final game? We have prepared a bonus tank for our veterans. All the closed beta test participants who will have had 1,000+ battles in their statistics by the release date (which is April 12) will get a free M4A2E4 medium American tank. This was an enhanced version of the M4A2 prototype with a wider chassis and upgraded tracks to improve its flotation.

Blanx3_Bytex: Will there be another soft-wipe before the official release of the game? There will be no soft-wipe before the release, because the hard one is coming. This is a normal practice for a game shifting from a beta stage to its release. There will be a flow of new players joining the game, and I’m pretty sure they will be more than surprised to see King Tigers rolling towards their first-tier omg-I-can’t-believe-it’s-a-tank tanks. But the wipe won’t affect those who have bought their pre-orders, or got special vehicles during the beta.

Blue19452, Blanx3_Bytex and steele28: What is one month of premium going to cost? That will depend on how much in-game gold you purchase at one time, but the average price of a monthly premium account will equal $10 per month.

*World of Tanks Developer Interview World of Tanks Developer Interview
Artillery units may have the biggest guns, but they're slow and barely armoured

Sleepyjo2: If you have not already (as far as I can tell, you have not), when will you be upgrading to the BigWorld 2.0 engine? Actually, we’ve already done that. World of Tanks is using BigWorld 2.0, but the features it offers are still to be implemented. That concerns game physics, in particular.

Rue Ryuzaki: Why don't you sell World of Tanks t-shirts? We are definitely going to do that. We know how many World of Tanks fans are around the globe, so it’s just a matter of time. But first, we need to do all the prep work: design an easy-to-use e-shop, organise logistics, think over the range of WoT accessories until we're ready to go with that.

james888: I saw this game on bit-gamer and thought it looked amazing. I went and registered and downloaded it. However, AVG says the installer has a backdoor trojan called Spy Eye attached. Is Spy Eye really in the installer? Definitely not. The last thing we would do is interfere with our players’ personal space. It's totally unacceptable. This could have occurred if you downloaded the game client from a third-party website, or it might be a local issue at your machine. The thing is that the game launcher you see when starting the game updates its content, which includes updating EXE and other file types. This behaviour may be considered a trojan by your local anti-virus.