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Test Bench Roundup #2: Cooler Master and Homebrew Modded!

Posted on 3rd Feb 2010 at 11:00 by Richard Swinburne with 11 comments

Richard Swinburne
If you missed part one of our test bench roundup, catch it here.

Rolling straight on with part 2, the, uh, final part, in this two part extravaganza of open-top, naked PC goodness. We have a steel entry from Cooler Master that's built like a tank, and another homebrew mod I constructed way back in 2004. It's survived six years of abuse, and it has wheels. Possibly my greatest mod ever and certainly the cheapest.

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Test Bench Roundup #1: Intel and MSI

Posted on 27th Jan 2010 at 10:27 by Richard Swinburne with 7 comments

Richard Swinburne
Test rigs are a rarely catered-for niche, since most people prefer a whole case with side panels and stuff. Antec tried and failed with its Skeleton chassis, completely forgetting that a test bench needs to accommodate all sorts of potential setups - including after market coolers, an area which it was not so compatible with. In a sense, it was the glam-rocker of test benches with all show and no metal core.

We've had a couple drop on our doorstep recently and true to form they are raw to the core. We thought we'd write a blog about the test-benches we use regularly for those who like the idea of a freestanding, easy access "case".

They are surprisingly diverse as you'll see below, and in part 2 I'll treat you to possibly the greatest creation of all time: my home-modded one!

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