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Sharkoon SATA QuickPort Pro LAN

Posted on 22nd Jan 2010 at 10:48 by Richard Swinburne with 16 comments

Richard Swinburne
We recently had a look at Sharkoon's SATA QuickPort USB 3.0 in our USB 3.0 article (who'd have thought!), but just recently Sharkoon has released its SATA QuickPort Pro with an Ethernet socket.

The 'QuickPort' product is not unique to Sharkoon - it is a rebrand that a few other companies, such as Thermaltake, have done in the past. However since the USB 3.0, and now the LAN version, Sharkoon is carving out a little market niche.

Why do we care about LAN though? Well it simply makes any hard drive instantly accessible over a network, instead of adding an external or caddied hard drive and fiddling around with shares.

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