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When three storms collide

Posted on 17th Aug 2009 at 15:53 by Antony Leather with 14 comments

Antony Leather
I was at a press event last week and whilst on my rounds meeting and greeting various hardware manufacturers and distributers, it was clear that a storm is brewing in the PC industry. However, in spite of the recession, this isn't a storm that will dampen our spirits further.

In contrast it will hopefully send a bolt of lightning right up the backside of any kind of daemon that has a financial grip on the IT industry. In fact it's what some might call a 'perfect storm' which, if you've seen the film, can only happen when two or more storms collide, the more the merrier really, unless you're a swordfisherman that is.

In this case, these storms are Windows 7, DX11 and Lynnfield and all are coming to an etailer near you before Christmas.

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Nehalem EP in the house

Posted on 9th Mar 2009 at 16:48 by James Gorbold with 8 comments

James Gorbold
We just thought you’d like to know that a pair of Nehalem EP CPUs arrived in the office today. Nehalem EP is the codename for the Nehalem-architecture Xeons that will replace the Core-architecture Xeon 5400-series later this year.

Like Core i7 CPUs, each Nehalem EP has four physical cores and four logical Hyper-Threaded cores, but two CPUs can be installed in a single motherboard providing 16 cores for the OS to play with.

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Episode 4 - Nehalem Core 2s, PCs vs next gen consoles and Vista

Posted on 5th Apr 2007 at 09:32 by Podcast

James, Alex and regular CPC contributor Phil join editor Gareth to chat about Penryn and Nehalem, the upcoming revised Core 2s from Intel, along with how the PC fits into the next gen console battle. The team also debate whether Vista offers anything for the enthusiast.

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