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Episode 23 - More Intel Core i7 and loads of Left 4 Dead

Posted on 25th Nov 2008 at 13:08 by Podcast

To cheer you up on a cold and frosty Tuesday, Episode 23 of the Custom PC podcast is out, guaranteed to be louder than ever before. Clive is joined by Staff Writers Antony Leather and Mark Mackay to discuss the price of Core i7 motherboards - is over £250 too much for a single-socket motherboard? Also up for discussion is how to spell Mark’s surname as well as other processor news.

The games chart springs a few surprises, as Lord of the Rings Online releases its Mines of Moria expansion pack at the same time as Wrath of the Litch King is released for World of Warcraft. Whatever the bizarre logic for this, the plan seems to have worked as both expansions are in the Top 10. Btw, how does one pronounce ‘Litch’? Also in the Top 10 are Football Manager 2009 and the horrible-sounding Call of Duty: World at War.

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