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Hardware 29 – We are not Server Admins

Posted on 29th Nov 2011 at 08:00 by Podcast with 29 comments

Now that both Intel and AMD have released their next-gen, super-fast processors, James, Clive, Paul and Antony gather in a dingy room to discuss the fall-out. We should stress that this isn’t a server room, so they’re still a bit disappointed by what amounts to a pair of server CPUs in consumer guise.

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Will the keyboard be dead in ten years time?

Posted on 12th Jun 2010 at 10:24 by Alex Watson with 65 comments

Alex Watson
I was talking to Tim, the editor of PC Pro last night about Computex 2010, and that while the show had lacked a killer product, there had been a real sense that the massive companies which have dominated computing for the past thirty years – Intel, Microsoft, etc – are suddenly looking very vulnerable.

Tim mentioned that a while back, a senior member of Sony’s Vaio design team had bet him that keyboards would be dead within ten years. At the time, it seemed a sure thing – QWERTY reigned supreme. Now though, he’s not so sure.

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Make your own Dvorak keyboard

Posted on 2nd Sep 2009 at 08:10 by Ben Hardwidge with 16 comments

Patented by August Dvorak in 1936, the Dvorak keyboard layout proposed a new way of typing based on the way that humans typically work, as opposed to the needs of mechanical typewriters (the reason QWERTY was originally designed).

Dvorak places the most commonly used letters on the second row, referred to as the ‘home row’ because it was where a person’s fingers typically sat. All the vowels are on the second row, while the sparsely-used Q and Z keys are placed on either side of the third row.

The layout was also designed on the principle that people should type from the edge of the keyboard inwards, as it’s apparently easier to switch from your little finger to your index finger than vice-versa.

If you’ve ever wondered whether the Dvorak keyboard really is the superior layout that it was claimed to be, then there’s an easy way to try it out for yourself. After all, your keyboard is just a mechanical rack of buttons that’s controlled by Windows. If you have a spare keyboard up on the shelf then it’s usually easy enough to transform it into a Dvorak keyboard.

Make your own Dvorak keyboard
The Dvorak keyboard layout

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