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Listen: Season Three of Unlimited Hyperbole

Posted on 24th Oct 2012 at 07:06 by Joe Martin with 81 comments

Joe Martin
It's been a long time coming but Season Three of my ultra-short and ultra-edited games podcast, Unlimited Hyperbole, has now launched. In keeping with tradition, Simon's been kind enough to let me tell you about the first episode and force the show onto your earballs.

As those of you who've listened previously will know, Unlimited Hyperbole takes a different approach to most other podcasts. It uses a pre-determined theme to guide discussion with a new special guest for each episode, then edits those discussions down to a focused 15 minute show.

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Gaming 32 - Deus Examined

Posted on 1st Sep 2011 at 10:54 by Podcast with 5 comments

Joe and Paul are joined by Black Library and Deus Ex: Human Revolution author James Swallow and BBC Radio's Adam Rosser.

As you would expect from a podcast featuring this particular group of jibber-jabberers, the discussion is dominated by our thoughts on the latest Deus Ex game. However, we also find time to chat about what proved to be Joe's Gamescom highlight, Dishonored. Joe also tells us about Dragon Commander - a crazy game that fuses flight sim, RPG and strategy elements, which he also saw out in Germany.

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