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Gaming Podcast 9 - AvP, Heavy Rain and Hellgate

Posted on 19th Jan 2010 at 16:05 by Podcast with 13 comments

The colossus which is the bit-tech gaming podcast may be slow to wake after the excitement of new year, but when it gets going then there's little that will stop it!

Which is our lame way of saying that we're sorry the first podcast of 2010 is a bit late, but that we hope it's exciting enough to make up for it. It should be anyway, with discussion covering all the games we're looking forward to next year, the merits and flaws of Steam and a whole batch of reader mail.

There's also a story that Harry tells about Joe which is totally made up and which nobody should listen to or believe. Says Joe.

On top of that we've got the usual Guess The Screenshot competition - though it's not the only competition we have on bit-tech at the moment by a long way. Check out the Competitions Hub for more chances to win prizes.

Use the links below to listen to the podcast and be sure to subscribe in iTunes to make sure you don't miss any future casts! Oh, and let us know your thoughts in the forums.

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Games I Own: Fahrenheit / Indigo Prophecy

Posted on 13th Jan 2010 at 10:51 by Joe Martin with 13 comments

If you live in America then you’ll know Quantic Dream’s murderous adventure game as Indigo Prophecy, which it was re-named to in order to distance it from Fahrenheit 9/11. In Europe it’s released (in an uncut version that adds a bit of naughtiness) as Fahrenheit. That’s the version I own, so that’s what I call it. Fahrenheit; one of my favourite adventure games.

It’s not a perfect game, by any means. In fact it is downright bad in some places and the plot, which focuses on multiple characters caught up in the wake of a murder, unravels and strays hideously in the latter stages. It’s a sad result of the game, which was planned as an episodic title, being rushed to a retail release by the publisher before some chapters had been finished. It still makes sense, it just requires a bit of effort.

There are a few different characters you control in the game and the main one is a man called Lucas Kane who comes out of a trance in a New York diner to find that he’s just murdered a man. Unable to recollect the experience, Lucas flees – but not before players are given a window of interaction. The first scene of the game immediately follows the murder and lets players decide how Lucas acts. Will he hide the murder weapon? Wash the blood off his hands? Bolt out of the emergency exit and flee or return to his table, calmly pay his cheque and try to avoid suspicion?

Games I Own: Fahrenheit / Indigo Prophecy
Fahrenheit, or Indigo Prophecy if you prefer

Once Lucas leaves the murder scene the viewpoint switches to that of Tyler and Carla, the two detectives investigating the murder. You can switch between both characters and are given similar free roam as to how much evidence you collect – most of which you hid just moments before. You question witnesses and, for the bulk of the game, try to identify Lucas and track him down. When you aren’t playing as a cop though then you’re Lucas, desperately trying to discover the truth behind the murderous trance and to clear your name. Meanwhile New York descends into a permanent winter, more murders occur and the city empties as life grind to a halt.

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Custom PC Issue 125

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