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Titan Fenrir Evo Hands-on

Posted on 17th May 2010 at 11:40 by Richard Swinburne with 72 comments

Titan will be presenting its brand new Fenrir Evo HSF at Computex in just a few weeks, but as it's an update to our favourite air cooler, we couldn't wait that long to take a look, so we took a trip to Titan's offices here in Taiwan.

Titan Fenrir Evo Hands-on *Titan Fenrir Evo - Hands on preview
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With a new coat of anodizing, the Fenrir has gone from white to red to black and gold now, but the core heatsink underneath remains the same. As Titan put it, why change what works?

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Installing CPU Coolers: The good, The Bad and The Ugly

Posted on 2nd Dec 2009 at 11:24 by Mark Mackay with 22 comments

Mark Mackay
The first CPU cooler I ever installed was an AMD reference HSF when I upgraded my Athlon XP processor to a superior model. It was in fact my first ever PC upgrade. I remember carefully (and perhaps a little nervously) placing the blocky aluminium heatsink in position, hooking both sides around the socket, pushing the retention arm down and thinking, "hmph - that wasn’t so hard."

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Would you buy cooler-less graphics card?

Posted on 25th Sep 2009 at 11:15 by Antony Leather with 44 comments

Antony Leather
Lets face it, water cooling your PC can be expensive. One of the most wallet-shredding bits is when you get to the graphics card. Full cover copper blocks for some of the larger graphics cards can cost over £100, but I recently had an idea that I thought I'd throw out to you guys to see what you think.

Instead of buying an air cooled card or a hideously expensive pre-water cooled example, what if you could buy just
the PCB?

Let me explain my madness.

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More shots of the Asus P55, LGA1156, Lynnfield motherboard

Posted on 30th Jul 2009 at 11:36 by Clive Webster with 11 comments

Clive Webster
Egads, just how many buzz-words can an IT journo fit into a blog post title these days? I blame Google, to whom all us online folk are beholden. Maybe I should just add a few hot search terms...

Or not. The purpose of this blog post is I thought I'd share some new shots Asus has sent through of its first P55 board to supplement James' preview of the Asus P7P55-Evo that went up a week or so ago.

Supposedly these are of the final retail board. The main update is the Southbridge cooler, which seems massive, and that weird Turbo-V thing. Pics and more discussion below the break.

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Two decades of innovation and we still get sore fingers

Posted on 19th Mar 2009 at 11:06 by Antony Leather with 6 comments

Antony Leather
I'm often asked how to build a water-cooled PC and what components are compatible with what. Mainly what frightens people is the assumed complexity of the cooling system compared to air cooling.

Having just completed the labs test for Issue 69 of Custom PC involving numerous CPU coolers, I can honestly say that mounting a waterblock like the D-Tek FuZion V2 is an awful lot easier than many CPU coolers I've seen.

In fact, the FuZion V2 costs a lot less than most air-coolers too. Alright, I'll concede that you need to fork out for pumps, radiators and reservoirs too, but the fact remains.

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