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Would you like to play The Last Express with me?

Posted on 1st Jun 2009 at 11:37 by Joe Martin with 8 comments

Joe Martin
The Last Express is an old game, an interesting game and one I’ve been meaning to play for a number of years. I was finally spurred into action by the guys at Idle Thumbs, who rightly asserted that The Last Express is a perfect example of an evolutionary path in video games that just never panned out, mainly for financial reasons.

The Last Express is an adventure game by Jordan Mechner, who also made all of the good Prince of Persia games. The storyline for the game is set over three days and it’s all set right on the very eve of the first world war, with all the action and adventure taking place on a train that is travelling from Paris to Constantinople. The train is the famous Orient Express and as the journey begins there is a murder on board. Admittedly I know a lot of this only from what I’ve heard – I’m still playing the game for the first time at the moment.

So far then, The Last Express is just a normal game, but here’s the kicker – it’s all set in real-time. It's also a game I want to invite you to play with me.

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Modding and hello!

Posted on 23rd Feb 2009 at 11:22 by Antony Leather with 8 comments

Antony Leather
Actually that should probably be the other way round as I’d first like to say greetings to the bit-tech community! I’m Antony Leather and like Mark who blogged recently, I also joined the Custom PC team in June of last year.

Unlike Mark though, I wasn’t in IT or system building prior to starting at Custom. Instead, the last few years have seen me come very close to becoming a pilot in the forces, then in to housing development of all things. However, my evenings and weekends were spent gaming (mainly FPS and flight sims), overclocking, modding and building a range of water-cooled PCs and I was also the Custom PC forum water-cooling guru for my sins.

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