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First Impressions: The iPlayer Beta

Posted on 7th Jun 2010 at 10:14 by Paul Goodhead with 51 comments

Paul Goodhead
I’m a massive fan of the BBC iPlayer. I’d actually go as far as saying I consider it one of the most important technical innovations of the last five years. So there.

Seriously though, I find the flexibility of the iPlayer liberating, I no longer have to be in a certain place at a certain time to catch my favourite shows and it also allows me to experiment with programs I may not have otherwise tried. I wouldn’t be such an ardent fan of The Thick of It if I hadn’t have chanced upon it when looking for something short to watch with dinner many moons ago.

The fact that the service is ad free is also a boon. OK, so watching one or two unskippable ads at the start of a 4OD program isn’t exactly all that bad, but the lack of ads does make iPlayer feel more immediately fun and responsive.

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Empire: Total War demo on Steam - it's a slice of win-cake

Posted on 25th Feb 2009 at 08:41 by Clive Webster with 2 comments

I’m not sure how I missed the Empire demo going on Steam last Friday, but somehow I did. I suspect Harry did too, as I’m sure we would’ve heard him saying "I’m leaving at six on the dot to go play Empire" last Friday. Cliff clearly didn’t miss the news but I only stumbled across it by accident when wondering whether to buy Dawn of War II through Steam or Play (why does it cost £11 more through Steam, by the way?). Anyhoo, I saw the ad for the Empire demo and started it downloading immediately.

Empire: Total War demo on Steam - it's a slice of win-cake <i>Empire: Total War</i> demo on Steam – it’s a slice of win-cake

The following are my initial thoughts on the two tutorials and the land battle that I had time to play before heading off for family funeral. (I’m not pitching for sympathy messages there btw, just explaining why I’ve only had time for a quick initial thoughts blog).

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Ten Years On: Prey

Ten Years On: Prey

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Mod of the Month July 2016 in Association with Corsair

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