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Titan Fenrir Evo Hands-on

Posted on 17th May 2010 at 11:40 by Richard Swinburne with 72 comments

Titan will be presenting its brand new Fenrir Evo HSF at Computex in just a few weeks, but as it's an update to our favourite air cooler, we couldn't wait that long to take a look, so we took a trip to Titan's offices here in Taiwan.

Titan Fenrir Evo Hands-on *Titan Fenrir Evo - Hands on preview
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With a new coat of anodizing, the Fenrir has gone from white to red to black and gold now, but the core heatsink underneath remains the same. As Titan put it, why change what works?

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WIN: Asus Xtreme Design VGA Competition Week 1

Posted on 4th Dec 2009 at 15:46 by Alex Watson with 2 comments

Alex Watson
It’s said that if good design is obvious, then great design is transparent. Perhaps this is why badly designed PC products are so frustrating – when designers get it right, design takes a back seat and you can easily enjoy the performance and features you bought the product for.

That said, given that so many PC components these days are commodity products with razor-thin margins that win favour by simply being the cheapest, you do have to wonder whether there’s room for anything as graceful and quiet as good design. Props to Asus then as they’re expanding their Xtreme Design approach from motherboards (which we’ve covered in depth previously), to graphics cards. It’s not just high-end graphics cards either – the Xtreme Design range covers, for instance, the newly launched GeForce GTS 240. Co-incidentally, we’ve got five Xtreme Design Asus ENGT240/DI/512MD5 cards to give away. Stay tuned for an update next week where we’ll tell you exactly how to enter,

So what does Xtreme Design for graphics cards entail? According to Asus ‘it’s about producing innovative graphics cards for the best performance, reliability and safety.’ Fine and dandy, but what specifically does this X-toting name endow a graphics card with?

Click through to find out.

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Cool Modding Stuff #1

Posted on 17th Sep 2009 at 12:07 by Antony Leather with 7 comments

Antony Leather
Being a modder at heart as well as an IT journalist, I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting hardware or gadgets that might be part of a future mod. I thought I'd share my findings here on bit-tech, just in case I've come across something you might find useful!

I hope to do this regularly too and I'll be bringing five or so cool things I've found on my travels on a monthly basis (hopefully!), so if you're planning a mod or a scratch build or you're thinking of improving the cooling in your existing PC, make sure you watch this space!

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