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Some questions about our new CPU cooler test systems

Posted on 30th Apr 2015 at 10:15 by Antony Leather with 59 comments

Antony Leather
We're currently in the process of building numerous new test systems here at bit-tech and before we leap in and start churning out reviews with our awesome new hardware, I wanted to reach out and get some feedback on a couple of questions involving our CPU cooler systems.

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Enermax to launch CPU coolers

Posted on 19th Feb 2011 at 10:32 by Richard Swinburne with 18 comments

Richard Swinburne
During a brief discussion with Enermax recently, a PR person let slip that the company's planning to launch a new CPU cooler range, which will be based on the principles of vortex generator flow technology, while featuring a couple of Enermax's Twister bearing fans.

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First Look: Danamics Liquid Metal CPU Cooler

Posted on 18th Mar 2010 at 10:18 by Richard Swinburne with 41 comments

The Danamics Liquid Metal CPU cooler, officially titled the Danamics LMX Superleggera, is one of those crazy ideas we never actually thought we'd get our hands on. Kudos go to Danamics then, for actually producing a product that's both scary and awesome at the same time.

First Look: Danamics Liquid Metal CPU Cooler First Look: Damanics Liquid Metal CPU Cooler

For those who don't know the significance of this cooler the clue is in the name: liquid metal. Those metal pipes are not your standard wick/gas heatpipes, they are full of a sodium-potassium metal alloy (mixture) that is liquid at room temperature and forced around the tubes with a hardcore electromagnetic pump. Metal has a much higher specific heat capacity than a vapour change liquid, and when forced around rather than letting convection take its course, it acts more like a water-cooled setup.

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Installing CPU Coolers: The good, The Bad and The Ugly

Posted on 2nd Dec 2009 at 11:24 by Mark Mackay with 22 comments

Mark Mackay
The first CPU cooler I ever installed was an AMD reference HSF when I upgraded my Athlon XP processor to a superior model. It was in fact my first ever PC upgrade. I remember carefully (and perhaps a little nervously) placing the blocky aluminium heatsink in position, hooking both sides around the socket, pushing the retention arm down and thinking, "hmph - that wasn’t so hard."

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