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Hardware 26 - Clouds of Gigaflops

Posted on 7th Aug 2011 at 14:27 by Podcast with 3 comments

Aaaand we're back for another enthralling hardware podcast. This week we've got Antony, Paul, Clive and Harry talking everything from fact to complete and utter fiction.

We start with a chat about PCI Express 3, whether we need it and why motherboard manufacturers are bringing PCI-E 3 motherboards to market already. If you're looking at a motherboard upgrade any time soon, should a PCI-E 3 compliant board be a priority?

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Does anyone really need a 1Kw PSU?

Posted on 7th May 2010 at 09:44 by Richard Swinburne with 114 comments

Richard Swinburne
Having dropped into Antec recently (not literally, I used the lift), I noticed the company was preparing a thought-provoking demo PC - it was to show that even its TruePower 550W 80Plus Bronze rated PSU can power a system that includes a GeForce GTX 480 and Intel Core i7-980X CPU!

At idle the system used a not inconsiderate 172W of power, but under load that raised to 507W - still within the power rating of the PSU, although pushing it to 92 per cent use.

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bit-tech vs. the Antec 900

Posted on 6th Feb 2009 at 10:10 by Harry Butler with 13 comments

Harry Butler
Here at bit-tech we like to think of ourselves as connoisseurs of cases, the site’s modding heritage only adding to our cultured palette for all that is aluminium and shiny. Even in our busy offices, the excitement of unboxing of a newly arrived chassis is always something that gets people up from their desks to come and have a look.

We make no excuses for our preference for smooth, stylish lines in case design over industrial or military looks, and to us cooling performance isn’t everything – what’s the point of strapping dozens of high RPM cooling fans into a case when the noise it makes infuriates anyone within a twenty foot radius? Good design needs to reach a compromise.

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Fractal Design Focus G Mini Review

Fractal Design Focus G Mini Review

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bit-tech Case Modding Update April 2017 in Association with Corsair

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