Computex coverage Index

Geoff and Tim are out in Taipei on the Computex show floor this week, sending the stories back as they find 'em. for those of you that never read the news on the right hand side of the index (shame on you!) here's an index to the stories as they hit.


Day 1

Gigabyte announces dual 6800GT

RAM disk add-in card - Gigabyte's fast data storage

XFX have G70 up and running

AMD officially launch Athlon 64 X2

Day 2

Shuttle goes SLI with SN26P

MSI shows off universal video card

GeCube display CrossFire with single slot coolers

Jetway opts for three video card slots


Day 3

Nvidia G70 pictured

Asus: Silence is golden

Day 4

BTX love arrives in AMD camp

Pentium M gets closer to enthusiasts

WiFi TV-Out to bring new ideas to HTPC solutions

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