The Bit-Tech Christmas Wishlist 2013

Written by Edward Chester

December 24, 2013 | 13:44

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To a man the Bit-Tech team has been nothing but nice this year - honestly it's true - so we're just a little hopeful that Santa may pay us a visit and actually gives us what we asked for this year!

So just in the nick of time we've compiled our digital wishlists and present them here for Santa's perusal. And we guess you guys might be interested to see what we've been hankering after too. If you've yet to send off your list, make Santa's life easier and add your Christmas wishlist in the comments too.

Edward Chester

Editor and noise maker

The Bit-Tech Christmas Wishlist 2013 The Bit-Tech Christmas Wishlist 2013 - EdEVGA Hadron Air

The whole craze for downsizing our PCs hit something of a zenith with the arrival of the BitFenix Prodigy. It was small, practical to use, cooled very effectively and fitted all the crucial hardware for a performance PC... and yes, I liked the handles! In the intervening 12 or so months little has arrived to really shake the case from its pedestal, until the arrival of this little wonder from EVGA.

The Hadron Air brings performance mini-ITX cases to a new high, or should that be low. It is vastly smaller than anything that has come before that can also accommodate the likes of an Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti - it really has to be seen in the flesh to be believed. The reason it can be so small is its use of a custom power supply, which does raise a few concerns, but not so much that I don't really really want one.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti

Yes, I know it's such an obvious choice but, you know what, sometimes the best things in life are. While I'd love to have the time and funds to tinker with an SLI or CrossFire setup and the performance/price of the R9 290X is exceptional, what I would like right now is simply the fastest single-GPU graphics card currently available. That's it. Job done.

There's another reason Nvidia's card is at the forefront of my mind and that's because I've just spend the last several days playing with G-Sync, and although it isn't quite the revolution it seemed it might be it is definitely a step in the right direction. We're also yet to see the sort of monitor I'd like to use it with, but having a card that's ready to roll when they do arrive would be convenient.

Then again, maybe I should be wishing for the speedy arrival of a universal G-Sync standard for all. Choices, choices...

The Bit-Tech Christmas Wishlist 2013 The Bit-Tech Christmas Wishlist 2013 - EdOculus Rift... with G-Sync and 4K
I've actually yet to use the Oculus Rift despite having been at several events with the opportunity to do so. Unfortunately queuing for several hours isn't conducive to getting other work done...

Regardless, all the reports about the technology suggest it is as revelation, not just providing the novelty of being able to look around a virtual space using the movement of your head but actually giving you a sense of place that no single monitor can ever do. The idea of feeling the scale of a place must add so much to the visceral thrill of playing any game.

Of course wishlists are all about the world of fantasy so right now I don't just want an Oculus Rift, I want an Oculus Rift with G-Sync, 4k screens and that arrives tomorrow.

Somehow I've a feeling 'I want never gets' may apply here...
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