PC Power & Cooling 750W PSUs

September 18, 2007 | 12:50

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Manufacturer: PC Power & Cooling
UK Price (as Reviewed): £103.29 inc Delivery
US Price (as Reviewed): $170

PC Power & Cooling?

To describe PC Power and Cooling as an enthusiast company feels like an understatement. For over 20 years it has been producing power and cooling products (surprised?) with a leaning towards to the high end. From its first Silencer 150 and Turbo-Cool 200 back before some of our readers probably were even born in 1986, to being the first with a kilowatt unit (one of which we have in-house) and being the first with Nvidia SLI certification.

The American company has a strong history of producing excellent PSUs and because of this can often command a price premium that people will readily pay; it's even more the Ferrari of the industry given the red Silencer CrossFire. After being recently purchased by OCZ, PCPC are finally getting the distribution to reach many more markets of enthusiasts.

We've got both the PC Power and Cooling Silencer 750W CrossFire and Quad (SLI) here, and we put them with their single, massive 60Amp 12V rail through the necessary load testing and typical bit-tech critical evaluation to see if all the fuss and premium product status is actually deserved.

Unboxing Russian Dolls the PSU

Maybe we should do unboxing videos? It may just be a brown PC Power & Cooling labelled box, but that turns into two as the first just gives another! It's not a plethora of marketing on the outside, but you get what you need to know and everything should definitely arrive intact, unless the box has been subjected to an earthquake or post office football.

PC Power & Cooling 750W PSUs PC Power & Cooling? PC Power & Cooling 750W PSUs PC Power & Cooling?


  • Manual
  • Case Screws
  • Power Cable
  • PSU test report
Inside we're a bit feature lax. The manual is simple, the power lead is boring (our model was sent over from the States, hence the US power plug), some bog standard case screws but you do get (not shown) an in house test report of the PSU you bought, so you can see exactly how it was loaded and should perform. No other company does this to my knowledge and its a lovely personal touch to let the consumer know that his or her PSU has been personally certified rather than just another inanimate object run off a factory line somewhere.

PC Power & Cooling 750W PSUs PC Power & Cooling? PC Power & Cooling 750W PSUs PC Power & Cooling?

I am disappointed that that is all you get though and the single A4 page manual, although it is certainly to the point. It's very much under the assumption of a certain level of consumer competence, which is no bad thing - it still had everything I needed to know in it.

There are no extras like we've seen from other companies such as cable organisation bits or a funky braided power cable. I'll admit I don't see the need for stuff like stickers or a lanyard or even cable ties which can be had for ten-a-penny in your local hardware store. However, considering PCPC don't make a modular PSU, chucking in at least a few Velcro cable ties would be nice.
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